Human Resources Coordinator Job Interview Questions Answers

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Human Resources Coordinator Job Interview: Questions and Answers for a HR Coordinator

Question: What general HR duties are you most familiar with?
Answer: Depending on your experience, talk about instructing employees or interviewees in matters of salary and work hours, sick days and vacations, health benefits, retirement plans. Other duties include maintaining discipline and common vision, moral and team-spirit among employees.

Question: Are you familiar with office related duties and technology?
Answer: HR coordinators make and answer phone calls, use fax and email, handle documents, type reports, etc. It’s part of the HR routine and coordinators are expected to be skilled at using all these.

Question: What skills would you point out as the most important for the job?
Answer: Don’t worry about getting right or wrong. What matters is a thoughtful answer based on experience. For example, you might begin by saying that people skills are very important, since a coordinator interact and communicates with employees all the time. But add that alone it is not enough, because a coordinator must also be able to understand the company’s business plan, internal structure, budget, etc.

Question: What is the role of leadership in HR coordination?
Answer: Leadership plays an important role. HR coordinators have a professional demeanor at all times and serve as role models for others. They are highly positive and motivated and use their people skills to motivate current employers and attract prospective workers.

Question: What employee-related responsibilities did you have in the past?
Answer: Administrative employee-related tasks might be managing employee turnover, motivation and recognition, absenteeism, work ethics and interpersonal employee communication. HR coordinators usually cooperate with HR managers on these
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