IBM Maximo Interview Questions and Answers

7/02/2009 1 Comment

Maximo Interview Questions and Answers.

Maximo Interview questions are very rare in the internet. We have taken great effort in finding some from professionals who work in software industry. Hope you contribute more in the comment section.
  1. Will Maximo 5.2 work with Oracle 10g?
  2. How to delete multiple spare parts at one time from the Equipment.Spare Parts Table in Maximo 5.2?
  3. How are assets handled in Maximo that are sent out for repair?
  4. What are the 5 most important things that a new user to Maximo would need to know
  5. What are the benefits of Maximo, versus other similar systems?
  6. How can I pass the current (logged in) user as a report parameter to Actuate 8 parameter?
  7. How to configure Actuate 8 for report development in Maximo?
  8. What is involved in transferring data from another system to Maximo, or vice versa?
  9. What are the steps in deploying a Cognos 8.3 report to execute correctly in Maximo 6.2

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  1. Thanks for the interview questions. Helped a lot



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