How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

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Tips of How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview.

Are you attending any interview then read these tips on how to sell your self in interview?

When you are attending an interview the most important thing is introduce yourself with a good smile and firm handshake. Secondly you need to maintain good eye contact with the employer throughout the interview. Show interest in what the interviewer is saying, by nodding your head. Give positive answers to negative-based questions. Avoid certain questions which can create a bad impression. After you leave the interview make notes of important points that was part of the discussion.

When the recruiter comes to the end of the interview ask some prepared questions. You may even ask what will be the next step. You can ask for the recruiter’s business card for future reference.

1. Personal and Education
Often this part of the interview starts with "Tell me about yourself, your education and academics" which will provide relevant information about you personally and as well as about your educational background. However its not good to reveal personal information such as your marital status, children, etc. Then provide a clear picture of academic career starting from your 10th standard till graduation/post graduation, the scholarships you won, training attended and other achievements. You may give an example where you set some goal in your academic life and you were able to achieve it.

2. Early Professional Career
Keep it brief but it should be precise and to the point. Dont miss any important points and mention about your achievements. Also ensure that your work and life experiences are relevant to the current job profile you are applying for.

3. Recent Work Experience.
This is the most important part as far as experience is concerned. You should relate to the employer some of your accomplishments and achievements that will indicate why you are the best candidate for that position. Tell them about your roles and responsibilities in the current project and how they will help in any organization.

4. Why should we hire you.
One of the very common question. You should speak with enthusiasm that you are here for the specific position sought. Prepare a good checklist before hand so that you can mention maximum of your positives when asked.

Some other things to remember 

  • It is always advisable to arrive 15-20 minutes early for the interview. No one likes waiting for a candidate.
  • Always carry a pen and paper. There may be instances where you may be asked to explain something technical and a these things will come in handy. If you borrow a pen it will only indicate lack of preparation for the interview
  • Don't be over enthusiastic, but show your passion for the job. Interviewers always remember a positive attitude.
  • There are at time you may feel that you have committed a mistake or answered wrongly. But its good to keep going even if you feel you made a terrible mistake.
  • A good "power of listening" helps. Try to listen carefully to the interviewer’s question before responding. Its good if you take a small pause after the interviewer completes the question.
  • You can carry extra resumes, references, etc. organized in a portfolio. At times, the interviewer may ask you to submit one hard copy of your resume..

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