50 Most Common HR Interview Questions Answers

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50 Human Resource Interview Questions. 

We hope that the cited below 50 HR Interview Question Answers will help you to crack any job interview.  

1. At the very beginning, Tell me about yourself?
Answer : This is the question that is the most asked right at the beginning in interviews. It is always recommended to have a short statement prepared so that you can give a good introduction right at the very start. At the same time you need to be a little careful so that it does not sound like you have rehearsed before. It is good to limit it to work-related rather than giving a full length answer starting from your school academics. Describe the things you have done and jobs you have worked for  that relate to the current position you are applying for. Ideally, it should be 50% of your current work and the rest should cover your previous work and experience.

2. Can you tell me why you left your last job and do you regret? 
Answer : Here you are required to stay positive regardless of the what the circumstance is. You should never refer to a major problem that happened with the senior management and make sure that you don't speak ill of supervisors, your peers and colleagues as well as about the organization. You should always answer this kind of tricky question with a smile and and give a positive reason such as a better opportunity, or for better prospects.

3.Explain what experience do you have in the position that you are applying for?
Answer : A question meant to find out your experience for the applied position. Its better to mention about specifics that relate to the position. In case, if you do not have specific experience in a particular area related to the position, its better to admit it rather than providing answers which many not sound very convincing.

4. Can you consider yourself successful from your past experience?
Answer : You should not be hesitant in this question.  The answer should be a definite and quick "Yes". Explain in a brief manner why you were successful in your previous organization. A good explanation is that you have set goals and targets,  and how you have met them or on track to achieve the same.

5. Tell us what have you learned from mistakes while on the job?
Answer : The answer to the question should be prepared well in advance. You need to put forward something which was really a minor issue else you will very well lose your credibility. Try to make it small, a mistake which didn't have any negative impact and that you learnt a positive lesson from it. For instance, you can cite one example where you were working too far ahead of colleagues on a project and thus there was a gap in coordination. Another example would be a situation where you have performed exceedingly well during the execution of the project but the documentation was done partially due to time constraints.

6. What do you know about this organization?
Answer : This question is intended to find out how much research you have done before coming to the interview. As a matter of fact, interviewers will be impressed if  you can provide a comprehensive answer about the organization. Do some good research on the organization in the internet and from your friends before going for the interview. Try to find out what are their products and services, how they are performing in the market and their potential competitors.

7. Can you tell me the steps you have taken to improve your knowledge in the last year? 
Answer : You can try to include improvement activities that relate to the job. There are a wide variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self-improvement. Try to emphasize on the on-job learning and training that you underwent.

8. Can you tell me if you are applying for other jobs? 
Answer : This question is intended to find out your current state of job search. Try to be honest but do not spend a lot of time answering this. Keep the focus on the current job and what you can and what you want to do for this organization. Answering something not related to the job you are applying for could be a distraction and something the interviewer will not like. As such, even if you are applying for other jobs, it is advisable to say "No".

9. Why do you want to work for our company?
Answer :  Many a times this question is asked to find out from the job-seeker how much research they have about the company done before appearing for the interview. The answer should be based on the research that you have done on the organization. Sincerity is extremely important here and you should make an effort to list out the good points of the company. You can relate those to how it will fit to your long-term career goals.

10. Do you know any employee who works for our organization?
Answer : You need to be completely aware of the policy on relatives and friends working for the company you are applying for. Very very careful not to mention about relatives. However you can mention a friend, but make sure you contact your friend well before the interview.

11. What is the salary you are looking for in our organization? 
Answer : Its one of the loaded questions which should be answered in a subtle manner. It is not a very good idea to specify numbers instead tell them something like "Its a tough question and I may need some time". You you feel comfortable you can also ask the interviewer "Can you tell me the salary range for the current position? The interviewer will most likely tell you the range. You can preferably ask for a salary in the higher range. 

12. Tell us why should we hire you?
Answer : Its very similar to the previous question. Try to emphasize more on your skills and assets and how they will meet the organization needs. Please ensure that you don't make a comparison with other job-seekers applying for the same job profile.

13. How long would you expect to work for us if hired? 
Answer : One of the tricky questions where giving specifics is not good. Try to say that as long as the work is challenging and both you and the organization are benefiting and are in a win-win position, you will continue to work.

14Have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about that? 
Answer : This is serious question which should be answered very carefully. You answer should present in such a ways that only because of  project constraints you had to fire people. At the same time, you mention that firing of the employee had the green signal of higher management as well. Also mention that on a personal, its a very hard decision to take as it impacts the career of an employee.

15. What do you find most irritating you about co-workers?
Answer :  This is one of those trap question which should be answered carefully. Try to show that you thought real hard but you couldn't bring into your memory anything that irritates you. A short statement that you are always felt good with your peers and have hardly come across such situations.

16. Do you you think your skills match this job or another job more closely?
Answer : Try to show that the job you are applying for is important for you. Say that you strongly feel this is the job. Never allow the interviewer to feel suspicious.

17. Do you think that you have any blind spots?
Answer  :  Another trick question which you should answer with a cool head. Its always good not to reveal any personal areas of concern. Instead say that if in the future something is found, you will try to correct it.

18. Explain in brief how you would be an asset to our company?
Answer : List out maximum points as you can. Prepare the list well before hand because it will help you to memorize and not miss many. This question gives you a chance to highlight your best points, and as such make them feel confident.

19. Explain your philosophy towards work and project?
Answer : Just answer in brief. Don't make it unnecessarily long.You can say 100% dedication and commitment by putting all of your mind and heart, and that working together towards a common goal of getting the work completed on time, at the same time adding more value that will benefit the customer.

20. Tell us about a situation when you made a suggestion that really helped in your work ?
Answer : Have a good one handy with you. Try to ensure and use a suggestion that you had put forward was accepted and was then successfully implemented. The one which changed outcome will be a real good one.

21. Are you a team player?
Answer : Every company likes to have a team player. Hence, the answer should be a quick "Yes". Be ready with examples.

22. What do you consider as your greatest strength?
Answer : There are many good qualities you can mention like your ability to work under pressure situations, then your problem-solving skills,  professional skills and expertise, excellent leadership skills and positive attitude, ability to prioritize work and budgeting of projects,

23. Tell us in brief about your dream job ?
Answer : Keep some points handy for this question. Instead of referring to a specific job, you can refer something generic like " I would love to work in a job where I would love the work, like the people and peers, and can contribute towards achieving the goals of the company".

24. What motivates to deliver the best on the job?
Answer :  Challenge work, Achievements, Recognition and Appreciation

25. If you were hiring a person for this job, what are the main qualities you will look for?
Answer : During hiring a person for a certain profile, it is the skills and traits which match to the job description. You can also answer it in a generic manner by saying that more often it is looking out for people with qualities which can deliver quality results.

26. Have you ever come across a situation in your company when you had to refuse to work with a certain employee?
Answer :  Make sure that you don't mention such an instance. It would only mean disloyalty to the company and your attitude doesn't fit. Instead say the most important is to achieve the company goals and objectives and as such such a situation should not arise.

27. What is more important to you in your professional life - money or work?
Answer : Give a short answer. Say that money is always important, but more important is the work. Don't let anyone feel that you are working only for money.

28. If we were to ask your previous manager what would they say about your strongest points ?
Answer : Try to keep it short, but at the same time mention all the good qualities like  Loyalty in work, Positive attitude, Leadership skills, Domain Knowledge, Patience, Hardworking nature, Creative and Innovative, Team player, etc.

29. Tell me about a problem you had with your manager?
Answer : One of  the trap questions asked just to check if you will speak ill of your manager. If you fall for it and tell them that you had problems with a former supervisor, then it will be viewed very negatively. Better go for a short answer and mention a few neutral things about your manager.

30. What has disappointed you most about your job?
Answer : Ensure that you don’t get trivial or too negative. Just say that there are at times you felt like you could have contributed more or there was lack of challenges in the job.

31. Describe about your ability to work under pressure.
Answer : Often situations demands that you work in a high voltage environment. You may say that you have always excelled under certain types of pressure. Mention that you have met strict deadlines without jeopardizing the quality of your work. Working in pressure situations, you get that ability to handle critical situations.

32. If you win a lottery today and get enough money to retire, what would you do?
Answer : Its a question which will differ from person to person.  For some people work is more important. Do not say yes if you do not mean it. Be honest, as this question is only a hypothetical one, so wont be taken that seriously.

33. Why do you think you would perform well in out organization?
Answer : Give a confident and positive answer. Try to give several reasons that includes your technical skills, your experience and the achievements in your career. Its good to have some points ready beforehand so that you can mention maximum of them.

34. This project is time critical. Are you willing to work overtime. How comfortable you are working at nights and weekends
Answer :  The answer to this question will totally depend on the individual. Be totally honest with this answer, as there are projects which require extra commitment.

35. How would you know you will be successful on this job?
Answer : You should list some points and keep them in handy so as to mention maximum of them when asked. Its good if you can point out some of your past achievements. Tell them what you have done and what are your plans for the future.Tell the interviewer that you have always set high standards for yourself and have meet them successfully. You have always meet with positive results and outcomes which are appreciated by superiors.

36. How comfortable are you in relocating to a different place if it is required ?
Answer :  This question is asked to get a find out whether you are fine with relocation and in most cases such a question is asked because its a job requirement. There should be no ambiguity and you should be very clear on this. Do not say yes just to get the job if you really don't want to shift to a different location. Try to be honest and give a straight forward answer.

37. Are you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your own?
Answer : This question is meant to find out your loyalty and dedication towards the organization. You need not worry much about the deep ethical implications. Just say that you are always willing if it benefits the organization.

38. We would like to know more about your management style ? Can you brief us.
Answer : Try to avoid using words that may lead to confusion. A very important question which will have a great impact on the interviewer. As such it is advisable to avoid words like aggressive, salesman, deadlines, that can have several meanings or descriptions.  Instead, try to play safe with the situational style, because it says you will always manage according to the situation at hand, thereby showing your flexibility and adaptability, instead of force fitting.

39. What feedback will your do co-workers provide if we were to ask about you?
Answer : You should be prepared with appreciation statements from one or two of your co-workers.   Its always better to say that your co-workers praised you for your hard work, dedication and honesty.

40. In any of the organizations that you worked for, have you ever been asked to leave a position?
Answer : Say No, if you have never been asked. But if you have faced such a situation in your previous organizations or project, try to explain them in a honest and brief manner. Avoid saying anything bad about the people or the companies you worked for. This would only create a negative impression.

41. Can you explain your role as a team player? 
Answer : The answer to this question should be always a "Yes". It is advisable to have some examples handy well before hand. A team player is an asset to any company. To show evidence of your good team attitude, try to come up with specific points to show you always performed for the good of the team rather than for yourself. The key point to remember is not to brag too much, but to make the interviewer feel that you can be a wonderful team player.

42. Seeing your resume we feel that you are overqualified for this position?
Answer : Say that being over qualified and over experienced you can deliver faster and better results. You can mention that it is not all about qualifications, rather tell them that you are very well qualified for the position and that any company would like to hire an employee who is exceptionally good.

43.  How will compensate for your lack of experience ?
Answer : Present a very positive and confident picture even if you don't have the requisite experience. If you feel that you have experience that the interviewer does not know about, bring it up. Secondly, you can mention that you are a very hard working employee and a quick learner which will help you to pick up things faster and deliver results

44. What are the main qualities do you look for in a manager with whom you want to work with?
Answer :  Answer it in a positive manner. Some of the qualities you will be looking for are  - knowledgeable, a good sense of understanding, loyal to subordinates and maintain high standards in work and with people. All managers think they have these characteristics.

45. Tell me about a situation when you used your skills to helped resolve a dispute ?
Answer : Don't mention an instance of dispute between people. You just need to cite a specific incident, where your problem solving skills helped to settle the dispute.

46. What position would you prefer on a team?
Answer : Be honest. If you are comfortable in different roles, tell them frankly about it. If you are interested in a supervisor/manager role, tell them you would like to focus more in that area.

47. We would like to know more about your work ethics ?
Answer :  You need to present a positive and confident picture of yourself. Try to emphasize the benefits to the company. Honesty, determination and hardworking nature to get the job done within timelines can be highlighted.

48. Can you tell us what has been your biggest professional disappointment till date?
Answer : This is one such tricky question. You can answer this by referring to a minor incident in your work or project in which you didn't have much control. Its is good if you show that you accepted it with humility rather than talking something negative about it.

49. Tell me about the fun you have had on the job in your current organization.
Answer : Keep it short. Please don't give any examples which is not related to your work. Instead you can just tell about having fun by accomplishing something meaningful for the organization. Apart from that you can also mention any technical events that you have organized for the employees.

50. We have come to the end of the discussion, do you have any questions for us?
Answer :  Well, this is one question for which you need to prepare well in advance. It also depends on how you have performed in the interview, if you feel that you haven't performed very well, it is advisable to keep it short. If you think, you will be hired then ask a few questions related to the organizations and your job.  Some sample questions are cited below

  • How soon will I will be able to join your company? 
  • I want to know more about the growth prospects in your organization.
  • How are the company policies related to onsite assignments and foreign travel?
  • What are the rewards for employees who perform well in projects?
Check the below article for the complete list of questions that you can ask the HR Manager 

Questions to ask the Human Resource Manager

We wish you good luck for your upcoming interview. Please use the comment section for your valuable feedback. Thank You !!

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