Project Coordinator Interview Question Answers

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Here I am listing some of the most frequently asked Project Coordinator Interview Questions.

Here, you can find typical questions with their corresponding suggested answers

Can you give me one skill that from your point of view which you think is the most important for the role of a project coordinator.
The answer to this question is tricky. You may think that there is no one single skill that is all important, but then also name just one.What the interviewer is simply wanting to see is how you think and and how express yourself. As such, be short and precise to the point.

For instance – One very important skill for a project coordinator is multitasking: The ability to juggle many tasks simultaneously is a formidable quality. The second skill you could talk about is Teamwork since a coordinator must be able to cooperate and co-ordinate with many teams simultaneously and ensure coordinated action between them is carried out smoothly.

Can you give me an example of working in a large team with specialists as a project coordinator.
For instance, if you have worked in a product development company, an pertinent example would be showcasing how you work closely with the development team to define achievable goals , solve the conflicts, coordinating resources and minimizing the risks involved.

One of the most important function of a project coordinator is to direct resources and are hence are connected to resource managers as well as procurement department. Their work involves guaranteeing the quality for which they work closely with specialists like quality engineers., managing deadlines and budget limitations that may arise during the course of the project.

Can you describe how you go about planning a project?
The first and the most important task of a coordinator is that he produces feasibility studies for project ideas. The next step is planning project progress: Setting sub targets and tasks, goals , milestones, and so on. The third step is personnel planning , which involved delegating the tasks to the correct employee and distributing responsibilities to the assigned employees in the most effective way possible.

Explain in brief the typical working conditions of a project coordinator?
Try to explain the hectic schedule, the complex tasks associated, the co-ordination involving cross company teams,  many layers of the organization management, the affiliates, stakeholders and customers at once. A typical day of a project coordinator is characterized by uncertainty and surprise, as such, explain the breadth of your field of work which requires adaptability, flexibility and sharp acumen.

Can you please describe your experience with IT and Software projects as a project coordinator.
The question is very specific here you need to describe your experience in least one IT project in a detailed fashion.

List down the points where your role played a part in the project.

For example – How you have directed and monitored the changing requirements, tracked the progress and achieved the completion of short term Software projects with limited resources. You can also explain in detail on how you have ensured that the services and products conformed to quality standards  and how you met your client requirements and specifications.

I will write another post detailing project coordinator roles and responsibilities in IT and Software projects.

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