MVS Interview Questions

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MVS Assembler Interview Questions, Mainframe MVS asked in IBM, HP, Accenture.

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  1. What are the sub parameters for UNDO command? Please explain how does it work?
  2. What is the output of the following command given in TSO/ISPF terminal? SRCHFOR 'abc' SRCHFORC 'xyz', (+5)
  3. How to send a SMS to a mobile through Mainframe MVS? 
  4. Explain about detailed information regarding this SMS feature in Mainframe. 
  5. How to create a new pds with the structure of an existing pds? 
  6. What is the panel name of ispf primary option menu ?
  7. What is the facility that allows mainframes to be partitioned into LAPARs? a.Z/os b.PR/sm c.Vitual storage d.Coupling facility
  8. What is swap-in and swap-out? 
  9. What is address space in MVS? 
  10. What is the size of the address space in KBs for 16 bit address space?
  11. What is basic difference between "DIRECTORY" and "PDS" in IBM MAINFRAME.
  12. How to define a DIRECTORY and what is the structure and definition for the same?
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