Latest HR Interview Questions asked in Software Companies

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 Latest HR Interview Questions.

1. What do you personally find the most enjoyable part of working for this company?

2. May I ask why or how you joined this organization? / What brought you here?

3. I would like to know about the work atmosphere here…

4. Would you be able to tell me about this company’s vision/philosophy?

5. How would you evaluate this organization’s strengths and weaknesses?

6. I would like to know a little about my day-to-day responsibilities.

7. Is this an immediate requirement? How soon would you be taking people on board for this position?

8. I would like to know how my skills compare with the other people who have applied for this position.

9. I am really interested in this opportunity and I feel I have the required skills for this position. What would I
have to do next?

10. Now that our interview is coming to close, is there anything you would like to know about my ability
towards this job?

11. Would you be able to tell me a little about what the company expects from its employees? What are the
most important assets and skills for this company?

12. Does the company follow a structured path in promoting the employees? How does it go?

13. If the company finds me good at the job, how would it advance me? What would be the next step in my
career growth?

14. If I performed well in the current position, what are the additional likely opportunities for me within this

15. Are there any special areas in this company that the top leaders emerge from?/ Are there special areas
like say sales or engineering that have more prospects for growth within this company, or do the leaders come
from a cross section of different areas?
16. The company has decided to recruit for this position from outside. How does the company choose
between recruiting from within or outside?

17. How far does this particular position contribute to the bottom line?
18. What advice would you give to someone selected for this position?

19. What are the current challenges of this position/department within the company?

20. Before I leave, can I have a formal/written description of the position? This would help me to review the
activities and evaluate what is expected of me.

21. Is this job likely to lead to other positions in the company? What is the usual route?

22. Would you be able to tell me a little about the people I will be working with?

23. Before I take your leave, let me check my understanding of the position. The designation is …., the
responsibilities are …., it is in the ….. department, and I would be reporting to ……. Please correct me if I
have got it wrong anywhere.

24. How does this company promote equal opportunity and diversity?

25. Would you be able to tell me who the company regards as its stars? What have been their most important

26. How do the subordinates address their seniors in this company?

27. Could you tell me about the management style of this company?

28. If you selected me for this position, what assignment would I be starting on?

29. Does this company have a formal mission statement? Am I allowed to see it?

30. What are the most important parameters along which this company evaluates an employee’s contribution?

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