MS.NET Interview Questions And Answers

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.Net Interview Questions and Answers for freshers. 

Some Basic Question and Answers in MS.NET expected in IT companies.

What do you mean by code review?
Answer : Code review is nothing but a simple process of examining the source code from a peer or colleague, to verify and find out whether it conforms to the best practices and standards.

Explain what is the global assembly cache (GAC) in MS.NET?
Answer : Global Assembly Cache is a machine-wide cache of assemblies that enable .NET applications to share different libraries. GAC solves one of the main problem associated with Microsoft DLL, also known as Dll Hell.

What do you mean by logging?
Answer : Logging is used in a project to find out the persisting information about the status of an application.

What do you mean by stack and a heap? Explain the differences between the two?
Stack is nothing but a place in the memory where value types are stored whereas Heap is a place in the memory where the reference types are stored.

What do you mean by instrumentation?
Answer : Instrumentation is nothing but the ability to monitor an application so that information about the application’s progress, performance and status can be captured and reported in real time in precise manner.

Explain what do you mean by functional and non-functional requirements?
Answer : Functional requirements defines the behavior of a system whereas non-functional requirements specify how the system should behave or they specify the quality requirements and judge the behavior of a system.
For InstanceFunctional - Display a pie chart which shows the maximum number of products sold in a certain locality.
Non-functional – It is the data presented in the chart that must be updated after a certain duration, say every 6 mins.

What do you mean by mock-ups?
Answer : Mock-ups are a set of designs in the form of screens, diagrams, snapshots which helps in verifying the design and acquiring feedback about the application’s requirements and use cases, at a very early stage of the design process within the project.

What is a Form and what is used for?
Answer : A form is a representation of any graphical window displayed in your .NET application. Form can be used to create standard, border less, floating or modal windows.

Explain what do you mean by a multiple-document interface(MDI)?
Answer : MDI is a user interface container that enables a user to work with more than one document at a time. For instance, Microsoft Excel.

What is a single-document interface (SDI) ?
Answer : SDI is a user interface that is created to manage graphical user interfaces and controls into single windows. For instance, Microsoft Word

What do you mean by ClickOnce in MS.NET?
Answer : ClickOnce is nothing but a new deployment technology that allows you to create and publish self-updating applications that can be installed and run with minimal interaction from the user.

Explain in brief what is BLOB ?
Answer : A BLOB (binary large object) is a large item such as an picture, image, video, media  file or an executable represented in binary form.

Explain what do you mean by object role modeling (ORM) ?
Answer : ORM is a logical model for designing and querying different database models. In the market, there are various ORM tools like CaseTalk, Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects, etc.

Explain in detail what is the difference between user and custom controls?
  • User controls are used when the layout is static whereas custom controls are used in dynamic layouts.
  • User controls are easier to create whereas custom controls require a lot of extra effort.
  • A user control cannot be added to the toolbox whereas a custom control can be added.
  • A separate copy of a user control is required in every application that uses it whereas since custom controls are stored in the GAC, only a single copy can be used by all applications.
What is a private assembly?
Answer : A private assembly is an assembly that is deployed with an application and is used only by that application. Private means the assembly cannot be referenced by another application outside the installation directory.

What do you mean by a shared assembly?
Answer : A shared assembly is kept in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and can be used by one or more applications on a machine.

Where do custom controls reside?
Answer : Custom controls reside in the global assembly cache (GAC).

What do you mean by a third-party control ?
Answer : A third-party control is one that is not created by the owners of a project. They are usually used to save time and resources and reuse the functionality developed by others (third-party).

What do you mean by a binary formatter?
Answer : Binary formatter is used to serialize and deserialize an object in binary format.

Explain Boxing/Unboxing concept in .NET?
Answer : Boxing is used when we need to convert value types to object.
E.g. int x = 1;
object obj = x ;
Unboxing is used when we need to convert the object back to the value type.
E.g. int y = (int)obj;
Boxing and Unboxing is quiet an expensive operation, so care should be taken.

What do you mean by a digital signature?
Answer : A digital signature is an electronic signature that is used to verify and guarantee the identity of a certain user who is sending the message.

What do you mean by COM Callable Wrapper (CCW)?
Answer : CCW is a wrapper created by the .NET Common Language Runtime(CLR) that enables COM components to access .NET objects.

What do you mean by Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW)?
Answer : RCW is a wrapper created by the .NET Common Language Runtime(CLR) to enable .NET components to call COM components.

Explain in short what is garbage collection?
Answer : Garbage collection is the process of managing the memory, the allocation and release of memory in your applications. Allocation is required for the program to occupy space in memory and de-allocation releases the memory after the execution of the program.

What do you mean by globalization?
Answer : Globalization is the process of customizing/modifying applications so that it support multiple cultures and regions. For instance, an application that is to be rolled in 20 different countries.

What do you mean by localization?
Answer : Localization is nothing but the process of customizing applications that support a given culture and regions. For Instance, An application rolled out in France, the language preference, currency, the time-zone settings and other cultural settings will pertain to France.

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