IBM Interview Questions and Answers on Peoplesoft

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IBM Interview Questions and Answers on Peoplesoft.

1.What conditions are required to establish parent child relationship between two records? What are the advantages with that?
Answer : Conditions are:
1) The child record should have all the key fields of parent record and at least one more key field other than the key fields of parent record.
2) We should mention the parent record in the record properties of child record.
3) We can not go for more than three levels of parent/child relationships.
Advantages are:
1) To have referential integrity.
2) No need to enter information again and again

2. Which effective dated rows can be retrieved in update/display mode, update/display all and correction mode?
Answer : Update/display – can view current and future rows. Can update only future rows.
Update/display all – can view history, current and future rows. Can update only future rows.
Correction – can view and update history, current and future rows.

3. What types of audits are supported by people soft? In case of record level audit what is the structure of table?
Answer : We have field level audit and record level audit. The structure of the table in record level audit is: AUDIT_OPRID, AUDIT_STAMP, AUDIT_ACTN, AUDIT_RECNAME and can add fields from record.

4. What are Table Edits?
Answer : We have prompt table edit, yes/no table edit, translate table edit as the table edits.

5. What is the difference between Key and alternate search Key?
Answer : KEY-It is the primary key of the record. Can be used as search key or need not be. Alternate search key-it is used for searching purposes.

6. Can you place Sub page into Grid? If yes How?
Answer : Yes we can insert subpage using insert subpage. After insert subpage into main page, drag the subpage into the grid. When we save the page we are successfully able to save the page showing that we can insert a subpage into a grid.

7. Can you hide a primary page in a component? Reason?
Answer : No, we can not hide the primary page of a component. If the component had only one page then by making this page also invisible we won’t have any component existing so we are not allowed to hide the primary page.

8. What is an Expert Entry?
Answer : Expert entry enables a user to change from interactive to deferred mode at runtime for appropriate transactions.

9. What is Auto Update?
Answer : This record field property is used to update the date field of particular record with the server's current date and time whenever a user creates or updates a row. Even the user enter the data into that field, the data which the user enters will be updated by the system’s current date and time.

10.How can a component have more than one search record? Give a situation.
Answer : You might want to reuse the same component multiple times with different search records. You can accomplish this by overriding the component search record at runtime when the component is opened from a menu item without creating separate copies of the component. The component override is temporary, and occurs only when the component is opened from the menu item in which the override is set. It does not change the component definition.

11. How can you improve the security and usability of a Prompt table edit.?
Answer : Prompt table view

12. What are the different ways to setup row level security?
Answer : We can setup row-level security using a SQL view that joins the data table with an authorization table. And By having Query search for data using a query security record definition. The query security record definition adds a security check to the search.

13. How does peoplesoft use views? Which are online functions?
Answer : People soft uses views for search records, summary pages, prompt views, reports.
Search records and summary pages are online functions.

14. Why do PeopleSoft often use views as search records?
Answer : Search views are used for three main reasons.
1. Adding criteria to the search dialogue page
2. Providing row level security.
3. Implementing search page processing.

15. What is Record Group? Which records can be included into a record group?
Answer : Record group consists of records with similar functionality. To setup a record in record group we should enter a set control field value in record properties

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