Peoplesoft Component Interface Interview Questions and Answers

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Peoplesoft Interview Questions - Component Interface Builder. 

1) What are the main elements in the component Interface ? 
 Main elements of component Interface
• Component interface name
• Keys
• Properties and collections
• Methods

2) Difference between Get keys, find keys and Create Keys ?
Get keys: - These are mapped to the fields marked as scrh in the component’s search record. Automatically “Search key” fields in search record become Get keys.
We cannot change it.
Find keys: - These are mapped to fields marked as Alt or Srch in the component search record. You may remove Find keys that you do not wish to make available for searching.
Create Keys: - It is generated from the key fields for the search record. If Add search record is present then its key fields are taken. We cannot change it.

3) How do you provide security for the component interface?
• Open the Permission list
• On the Component Interface tab
• Add row and select the newly created Component Interface
• Edit the permissions to give permission for the standard methods
• Get, Create, Save, cancel, find.

4) What the steps that you need to do in people code to invoke Component Interface?
• Establish a user section
• Get the component interface definition
• Populate the create keys
• Create an instance of the component interface
• Populate the required fields
• Save the component Interface.

&Session = GetSession();
&CI = &Session.GetcompIntfc(CompIntfc.INTERFACE_NAME)
If not &CI.Create () Then

Populate other fields

Populate the other fields

If not &CI.Save () Then

5) How do you test Component Interface?
• Using the Component Interface tester
• Give values in the tester for options
• Get Existing, Create new, Find and perform the operation from the CI Tester

6) Catching error message in the component Interface? Or
Use of PSMessages in the CI ?

This function needs to be called when ever methods like Find, Save, Create methods return false.
Error text and Error type can be printed in the log message for any other action in to the log messge.

Function CheckErrorCodes()

&PSMessages = &Session.PSMessages;
&ErrorCount = &PSMessages.Count;
For &i = 1 To &ErrorCount
&ErrorText = &PSMessages.Item(&i).Text;
&ErrorType = &PSMessages.Item(&i).Type;


7) What is method? What are the different types of method?
- A method is an object that performs a very specific function on a component interface at run-time.
Standard methods and user-defined methods.
Standard methods: - Automatically generated upon the creation of a new component Interface in Application.
Apart from the Standard methods there are Standard methods available for the use with any collection.
User-Defined methods: - User-defined methods are those that you can create to meet the requirements of an individual component interface.

8) What are properties?
The Fields in the level 0 in the component are the properties of the component.

Standard properties User-Defined properties
Createkeyinfocollection Developer can further control the exposed Getkeyinfocollection field properties.
Property Info collection
GetHistoryItems (Update/Display mode or Correction mode)
EditHistory Items

9) Traversing the Collections in the Component Interface?COLL_JOB – Collection
Coll_JOBItm – Row in the collection.
For &i = 1 to &COLL_JOBCol.Count
&COLL_JOBItm = &COLL_JOBCol.Item (&i);
For &J = 1 to &COLL_JOB_JRCol.Count
&COLL_JOB_JRItm = &COLL_JOB_JRCol.Item (&j);

10) How do you login in correction mode in the Component Interface?
Get History Items and Edit History items property to should be set to true.
Get History Items alone: - Update display all - modes will be used.

11) What underlying tables define security access to Component Interfaces?The association between a permission list (CLASSID) and a component interface (BCNAME) is stored in the PeopleTools table PSAUTHBUSCOMP

12) Why does my component interface not have a Create method?
Create is only available if the underlying component allows Add mode. If it doesn't then you can't create anything in the component, and thus you can't create anything using the component interface. The create method will be disabled in the component interface properties.

13) When automatically building a component interface, why are some fields missing?
Sometimes application designer gets it wrong. For instance, if the same field exists in scroll 1 and scroll 2, it may put the field in just one scroll level. It may also have problems with certain key/search key/alternate search key fields between the search record and the scroll level records. Normally you just need to check your CI and add any missing fields.

14) Why are my Findkeys missing certain fields?
Findkeys are derived from search and alternate search keys on the component search record. If you have a key but it is neither a search key nor alternate search key, then it will not be available as a Findkey.

15) Explain under what scenarios you need to use component interface
If you need to insert/update/delete data through PeopleCode, and your PeopleCode will require replicating a lot of existing business logic that already exists in a component then a component interface is the best approach. Once you learn how to use them, they will be the fastest and most robust solution for such cases. If you are performing simple changes, then using a CI becomes overkill as there is an overhead to using a CI on both the system and on development time. Similarly, large amounts of batch processing may be too much for a CI to handle or may be considerably slower using a CI.

Some Interview Questions on Peoplesoft Component Interface.

  • What is the object type of Component Interface? 
  • Name the different standard properties of Component Interface. 
  • What are get keys, create keys and find keys in CI? 
  • What is the difference between Get and Find methods? 
  • Describe collections and properties in Component Interface. 
  • What are the different delivered methods of CI? Describe them. 
  • How can you override or extend the delivered methods of CI? 
  • What are the different types of method in a Component Interface? 
  • What are the steps that you need to do in people code to invoke Component Interface? 
  • How do you login in correction mode in the Component Interface? 
  • What is method? What are the different types of method? 
  • How to use PSMessages in the component Interface? 
  • How to use error message in the component Interface? 
  • What are the Methods in Component Interface? 
  • What are the Collections in Component Interface? 
  • What are the Properties of a Component Interface? 
  • How do you test Component Interface? 
  • What the steps that you need to do in people code to invoke Component Interface? 
  • How do you provide security for the component interface? 
  • What is the difference between Get keys, find keys and Create Keys ? 
  • How and when to Use the Excel to CI Utility? 
  • How to Program a Component Interface in PeopleCode?

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