PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions Questions and Answers

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions Questions.

1. How SQR Programs are evaluated and executed at different times?
FIRST PASS: Or Compile stage. SQR processes the following components of the program.
1. All # include external source files (SQCs) are inserted into the source program.
2. All # commands are evaluated.
3. The setup section is processes including allocation and population of memory arrays created by the load-look up command.
4. Optimization of the SQL data access path is determined.
5. Checks syntax of SQR source program.

SECOND PASS: Actual execution of the program source occurs starting at the begin
Report stopping at the end-report.
1. Process data for the body section.
2. Senses page overflow or response to new-page command in code.
3. Process heading section
4. Process footing section
5. Writes entire page buffer to file.

2. How many types of SQR data elements are there?

Columns, variables, Literal

3. What does SQR report structure(program) consists of or Types of sections in SQR Program?

Report or Program – Determines where SQR will begin and end execution of your report. People soft uses this section to control the flow of processing by calling procedures using the do command, thereby utilizing modular programming.

Setup Section – Contains commands, which describe the general report characteristics (Note: the setup section is preprocessed and is automatically run before the program begins execution. This section can only include SQR commands.

Programming section –A – Begin – SQL: The SQL paragraph allows you to execute any non-select SQL
B. Begin-Document-: Allows you to mix background text. With the data retrieved from the database.
C. Begin-Select: Select paragraph is the heart of the SQR program. For each row of data retrieved from the query, acting as an implicit while loop may also process a set of commands there. Here you specify what columns of data to retrieve from the database. Other procedures may be referenced within a select paragraph, which in turn may contain other select paragraphs.

Note: In begin select SQR requires that columns names be flesh to the left margin and SQR commands be indented.Heading Section
Footing Section

Procedure Section : A procedure is a list of commands or paragraphs, which are processed when referenced by a corresponding, do command. Procedure names must be unique. Procedures can contain regular SQR commands as well as three special kinds of paragraphs: A. SQL B. Document C. Select

4. Explain Print Function?

The print command, is both explicit and implicit, is the focal point for formatting and processing.Explicit print is used to print database column referenced by its pseudonym (&column name) or a user defined variable.
The Implicit print is only valid for database columns as they are retrieved in the select para.

5. What are positional co-ordinates?

Printing in SQR is placing output on the page grid. Position syntax is used to define where to place data on the page within a given section.

6. Explain briefly about On-break processing?

On-break option on columns will cause each column to break independently from each other. When a break occurs the following happens, After procedure are processed in descending sequence from the highest level to the level of the current break filed.

7. Difference between ASK V/S INPUT?

ASK : It is requests the user for the value and substitutes the value during compilation. It is used only in the setup section.
INPUT : It requests the user for the value at runtime. (i.e., at execution stage). It can be used anywhere in the programming section.
Note: INPUT is mere efficient than ASK.

8. Define an Array?
An Array can be defined to store intermediate results or data retrieved from the database.

9. Define Process Scheduler?
It is an centralized tool that enables application developers, system administrators and application users to manage People soft batch process. Process Scheduler enables you to schedule running process and create job.

10.Difference between Process and Job?

Process: A process is a single task, program or routine (such as SQR reports or Batch Cobol) that runs either on client or server.
Job: It is one or more process of the same or different type, which can run either in series or Parallel. (A group of process can be combined and run as process job)
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