PeopleSoft Job Interview Questions and Answers

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Interview Questions on PeopleSoft, FAQs and Answers. 

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1. What are the physicals attributes Applications designer screen?
Answer : The following are the attributes of Application Designer
1. Title bar
2. Menus
3. Toolbar
4. Project Workspace – it arranges Peoplesoft objects in Windows explorer format
5. Object Workspace – Open Multiple Object and store in main window.
6. Output Window – Deals about the output generated by using project development or Up gradation.
7. View tabs – Development tools / Upgrade

2. What is MDI?
Answer : Multiple Document Interface – having an option to open multiple windows at the same time. But only one window can be activated at a time.

3. What is Morphing?

Answer : The Application designer uses an approach of morphing, or dynamically transforming the menus and toolbars to edit the definition in the active window.

4. How is data stored, retrieved, manipulated and processed in People soft applications?

Answer : People soft is a table-based system. A database for a people tools application contains three major sets of tables…
1. System catalog tables; it stores physical attributes of tables and views. (e.g. Sys, Columns, Sys tables)
2. People Tools tables; it contains information that you define using People Tools (e.g.
3. Application Data Tables; Store the actual data users enter and access through People Soft application windows and panels. (E.g. PS_ <>)

5. What is SQL Talk?

Answer : SQL Talk is an interface to Peoplesoft database.

6. How many types of RDBMS support Peoplesoft?

Answer : The following are the list of RDBMS supporting Peoplesoft application..
1. DB2 2. DB2/AS400 3. DB2/MVS 4. SQL Base 5.Oracle 6. MSSQI.Server 7. Informix

7. Define a Field?

Answer : Fields are basic building blocks in People soft and can be used in application when they are added to atleast one record. Fields are globally defined.

8. What are the various Field attributes?
Answer : The commons filed attributes are:
1. Data type 2. Field name 3. Long name 4. Short name 5. Formatting 6. Help context number 7. Translate values – stored in separate table (XLATTABLE).

9. Define Field properties?

Answer : Fields are
1.Globally defined
2.Reusable components and can be shared across multiple record definitions
3.A change to the Field properties affects all the records that include the field.

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