Siebel Actuate Reports Interview Questions

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Siebel Actuate Reports Interview Questions and FAQs.

A reporting tool from Actuate Corporation, Actuate has been around for a decade because of its easiness to develop and deploy. Please help us by contributing more in the comment section.
  1. What is FetchLimit and why it is used?
  2. What is ValueExp and can we write scripts in it?
  3. How do we invoke Actuate Reports from the click of a button in Siebel
  4. What is sscustom.rol and sscustom.bas in Siebel Actuate?
  5. What is a composite datastream?
  6. How to display Barcode in Siebel Actuate reports?
  7. What is sssiebel.rol and sssiebel.bas?
  8. What is Master-Detail Reports.How do you develop it?
  9. How to display only the records selected in a list applet in Actuate Reports?
  10. Explain the architecture of Siebel-Actuate
  11. What are parameterized reports
  12. How to hide a field in Actuate reports based on some condition
  13. What are the OM parameters that are required in Siebel for the Siebel-Actuate integration?
  14. How do we pass XML from Siebel to Actuate?
  15. How to display secondary records in a MVG applet in Actuate Reports
  16. What is the use of "Data Memory Sorter" in the actuate reports?
  17. What are Smart reports?
  18. How do we develop Multilingual Reports in Actuate?

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