Actuate Reports Interview Questions

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Interview question on Actuate Reporting Solutions.

What is AFC? Where we Use AFC in Actuate?

How to call a stored procedure from a report?

How many times executite the fetch method at run time?

How to implement the parallel report?

What is Master-Detail Reports.How do you develop it?

Do you use external or internal user validation? LDAP? Who maintains that code?

What is the difference between -using Group by in the SQL of the report -having a Group section in the report?

Can we define global methods in a report?

Explain the major differences between Actuate 7 and Actuate 8

What is your preferred method of creating the SQL query? Graphical Query Builder, Textual, 
override OSS( )?

Which cmponent has onRead method and what it is used for?

What is report bursting?

What is page level security?

Can you give an example of any complex report you designed using Actuate?
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