IBM Interview Questions on Peoplesoft

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IBM Realtime Interview Questions on Peoplesoft.

1. Advantages of People Code?

2. Why SQR is used and advantages of SQR?

3. How are you running your HRMS systems either by JOBCODE or by POSITION_NBR?

4. What is the challenging and complicated People code you have written?
Why do you think it is complicated?

5. What is the challenging and complicated SQR you have written why do you think it is complicated?

6. Steps involved in Data Conversion?
Extract data from the legacy system
Reconcile the extracted data
Identify the tables to be leaded with the new system
Data Mapping
Identify the tools (SQR or Import Manager or SQL Loader etc)
Write programs to perform conversion
Test the programs using test data
Check the data outline
Reconcile concerted data.

7. Why SQR is used?
Data conversion
Interface programs.

8. SQR Runtime flags?

9. Import SQC files?

10. How do you link SQR reports to process scheduler?
Create/modify/add run control table if you have any new fields
Create/modify/add run control panel if you have any program inputs
Create a menu definition (Note Menu group name: XYZ)
Give operator security
Create Process scheduler definition
Use-Process definition – process definition add
Give report name and report type
Give menu group name (XYZ)

11. How do you create operator classes / users?

12. What are variable types in SQR?
& Data base reference fields – Read only
$ Character (Same for Date)
# Numeric
{ } Variable in ASK or # define
[$ variable] Dynamic variable referencing

13. How do you format in PRINT (9,X, B, etc)?

14. How many types of display views are there in Data Designer?

15. What is a record definition?

16. What are the types of record definitions?
SQL Tables
SQL views
Dynamic views
Derived / Work Records
Sub Records
Query views

17. What is an Application Processor?

18. Types of People code?

19. Field Edit Vs Field change?

20. Save edit Vs save pre change Vs save post change?

21. Scroll select Vs scroll select new?

22. SQL EXEC Vs Scroll select?

23. Scroll select Vs Row Scroll select?

24. Row scroll select Vs Row scroll select new?

25. Table loading Sequence (installation)?
Company table
Salary Plan
Salary step
Job code
Pay group
Benefit Programs

26. What are FUNCLIB* records?
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