IBM Siebel Interview Questions and Answers

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Interview Questions on Siebel Configuration,Scripting and Workflow with a comprehensive collection of Interview Tutorials.

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How to create virtual business component?
Virtual Business component is used to it pass the external data for the business component.

Where does the Primary Field of an MVG stored?Primary Id Field will be stored in the Parent BC.

What is the use of Item Identifier.
How can you resolve Foreign Key in EIM?Populate all User key columns which will resolve foreign key.

What is Siebel Gateway?
Siebel Gateway is the nameserver which controls the Enterprise Server.

What is the purpose of 1:M extended table?1. we can use it in parent child relationship where the child entity is lonely related to the parent table.
2. or we can make it as a intersection table by adding the foriegn key of another table's primary key in the 1:M extended table.

What is Siebel Admin Mode View? How to Create this?
Admin Mode property set to TRUE in View object definition.

Admin Mode view overrides the property of Business component. This view allow the user to do update,insert,delete etc. which may not be available in other view of same BC. Because admin mode view overrides the No update, No insert ,No delete BC property. used for administration purpose

What is Siebel Admin Mode View? How to create one?Admin Mode View is nothing but, it has Admin Mode Property set to true. It will override all the visibilty rules.

How do you import LOV's?
You can export LOVs using Application Deployment Manager.

What is the process of the UpGradation?
Upgradation is used when we extend the database by adding colomns n tables,to make avalable these extended dbs to other mobile users we have to prepare upgaradation kit.Then only all can get newly extended tables n colomns in their local dbs.

Is it possible to give the conditions in Field Read only Field property.Ex:if condition city = chennai . its only allowed to enter the field otherwise not entered the value.
We can give expression on the Value side of a user property. Plz check the syntax once again.
Syntax should be:



Iff([Field]="value","result if condition meets","result if condition not met")

How many type of siebel Data model extensions are there?standard and custom extensions

What are different types of Tables?
There are 4 types of tables in siebel
1) Base Table (Ex: s_contact, s_user)
2) Extension table ( Ex: s_contact_x)
3) EIM tables
4) Intersection Tables (Ex: s_org_bu)
In general tables are of 4 types 1. Data Table 2. Repository Table 3. Interface Table 4. Warehouse Table Based on Relationship, 1. Base Table 2. Extension Table 3. Intersection table

What are the different types of Columns.Columns: 1.Data (Public), 2.Data (Private), 3.Denormalized, 4.Extension, 5.System
How do you recognise that a particular table (Base table ) can be extended?
If the table property is Private, then we can not extend the table. If it is Pubilc, we can.

What is implied Join. Where do we find it ?Join between two Tables. Join Object defines The Relationship Between
a Bc and atable.Join allows Bc to get Column from table rather then basetable.
In Mvg Applet we can find the join, It uses Forign key to get the Row.

When do we go for BC level user propertiesWhen we need to set or reset the properties at runtime.

How do you import List of Values?Depends on any Hierarchies, but using EIM_LST_OF_VAL(for EIM load) import parents first then children, otherwise you will receive failure message.

What is the difference between EIM and EAI?EIM : It is batch mode Integration. When data valume is large then we have to go to EIM
EAI : It is real time Integration. When data valume is small then we have to go to EAI

When do we go for Dynamic PickList and for Pick Applet?
We go for Dynamic Picklists When we want to update joins( as normally joins are not updatable). We go for a pick applet when we choose a dynamic picklist. Pickapplets help you het the whole list applet of the Bc whose field is joined to the parent. Where as in static picklist you can only choose from predefined values but cant update with any other values.

What is Client Business Service?We can see the Business Services Client also. These are called Client Business Services we can see them in Business Service Administration Screens. We can write the script for the BS in the client itself. After writing the BS there is no need to to compile those BS's.

When do you use Property Sets in Siebel.
Property Sets are the Hierarchical structures of Variable Names and Values. These Property Sets can be used in Workflow processes Parameters or for any input or output Parameters in scripting.

Ex: var input = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var output = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
after this we can store sets of Variables and their values.

When do you use "CanInvoke(False/True)" method in scripting.
We use it before invoking a method in PreCanInvoke Event and verify a condiation. Based on the result, we can make the method Invoke =True/False. It is just like validating a condition before invoking the method.

If a view has Admin Mode Property = True, then what will happen to User Properties we write on them.?
If a view has adminmode property true then The administrator see all the views

When do we use genbscript.exe?
Genbscript stands for generate browser script. genbscript is used to generate browser scripts from command line interface.

Why do you need Primary in MVG?
A Primary creates a M:1 realtionship b/w the Parent and the Child record.
Thus it increases the performance by allowing a single query using the SQL join to display both the Parent and the Child records in parent Applet.
Without primaries, each MVG needs a separate query to display a child record in the parent Applet. With Primary, using a single query,you will be able to diaply both the parent and the child records.

What is foreign key table in Siebel?
Foreign key table is the property for a column in the table. it specifies for a column from which table this reference has been came.

What is the use of LDAP user ?
It is used as a third party authentication for an end user which can be modified to have a single sign on to multiple application apart from Siebel.

What is the difference between Links and Multi Value links?
Link is used for Master Detail View of two BCs. where as MVL is used to view the child records using MVG. MVL uses Link to get the records from the child BC.
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