Siebel Interview Frequently Asked Questions, Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions on Siebel CRM.

In Siebel, what do you mean by applet toggle and how many types are there?
Applet toggle is used to display one or more alternate applets to displaying the data of the business component.They are two types Static Toggle, which appears as a drop down list and Dynamic Toggle.

Explain the difference between MVG applet and a Pick applet?
MVG is nothing but to display the child records for the parent table ,and for pick applet to update join fields
Pick applet is used when there is 1:1 relationship and MVG is used when there is 1:M r/n.

What is Detail Applet and Association Applet?Detail applet word is used in the context, when there is a Master Detail relation. in this case there will be one master and many child records. so, we usually show these child records in list applet and not in form applet.

What is Genbscript.exe and what is its use in Siebel?

The client side interaction like validation When you run genbscript.exe, all browser scripts in the repository are generated. They are placed in a directory that you specify using the destination directory parameter (dest_dir). The genbscript.exe utility is located in:siebsrv_root/bin or client_root/bin
genbscript config_file dest_dir [language]
For example:
genbscript c:sea15022client inenuuagent.cfg c:sea15022clientpublicenu enu

Difference between LOV and Picklist??LOV is to store the values for the picklist in the application admin and where as picklist is used to select the value from the list of values

What value will get stored in the database when a field has both predefault value and post default value.
Answer is Predefault Value. Explanation:When user clicks the new record button,predefault value will get populated in that field,post default value will get stored only when user does'nt type any value in the field and saves the record.Since already value has been populated by predefault property,it will get stored in the database.

What is Symbolic URL in Siebel.

Symbolic URL allow you to configure Portal Agents in several ways. You use Symbolic URL Arguments for two purposes, to define data to be sent to an external host and to submit commands to SWE that affect the behavior of Portal Agents.

What is Force Active property?

Force Active property for a field makes it accessable in scripting even if it is not in UI.

What difference between Join specification and join definition?

"Join" object specifies the table name and "Join Specification" object specifies the Primaty Key Foriegn Key relationship.

What is difference between EAI and EIM?
1. EAI deals with exchanging data among the different Enterprise Applications. It is devided into two parts.
a. Batch Integration:(EIM) Data will be sent another system on a bulk basis. This is done periodically.
b. Realtime Integration: Data will be sent to other system whenever there is a change in data of one system. Data is immediately sent. The amount of transfered data is less.

Where does Xml comes into picture in eai2. XML come in to the picture when a Legacy system has to send data to another Legacy system. And the format of both systems data is different. XML is W3C standard tool. which has to be followed by all to generalize the message sending formats. That is why XML is being used between heterogeneous applications.

What are third party eai toolsThird Party EAI Tools.
a. IBM MQ Sieries
c. XML
e. Seebeyond

What is difference between s_opty_x and s_opty_xm tables

s_opty is a base table for which
s_opty_x is an extension table with 1:1 relationship
s_opty_xm is an extension table with 1:M relationship

How do you add Button Icon in a Applet?Like New,Query,Delete.I want Activate Button also .
You can add those bittons by creating controls under that applet
and specifying a method name under that.
you can get a Dropdown box for method Name and select from that.

How will you do validations in escripts and in configuration?

In Tools select the object definition,right click and select validate. this is used to check the correctness of values of a perticular object before going to store.
in escripting, once we write script then we can do validation by check syntax option.

What is detailed category in configuration,and its use?
In an application, we see a page tab let say Account. Below that we have let say My/My Teams/All Accounts. Each has a form applet showing account name, address etc. Related to this we have several tabs like account address, account profile…clicking on which show us accounts detail in that specific area.

So the Account is Aggregate category. My /my teams/all is Aggregate View…These tabs which will show details of Account is Detail Category. So any child object of a aggregate category showing details of an entity is Aggregate category.
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