Siebel Admin Inteview Questions and Answers

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Siebel Administration Questions and Answers, Siebel System Admin Basics.

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1. Siebel Web Architecture consist of the following

  • Siebel Web Client (Browser)
  • Plug-ins for industry standard Web servers
  • Siebel gateway server
  • Siebel Enterprise server
  • One or more Siebel servers
  • Siebel server components
  • Database server
  • Siebel Filesystem

2. Siebel runs in a variety of environment

  • WML devices
  • Web Browsers
  • PDA’s

3. Siebel Web Server and Siebel Web Server Extension

Web Server
  • Identifies and passes Siebel Request to the Siebel server
  • Passes completed HTML Application pages back to the Browser
Siebel Web Server Extension
  • Extends Web server to recognize the URLs with Siebel request
  • Route request to the appropriate Siebel Server Component

4. Siebel Image cache

  • Siebel component residing on the web server to reduces load on the Siebel server and file system.
  • Image published to the web server
  • Parallel download of images

5. Siebel Gateway server

  • Serves as a single entry point for accessing the enterprise server
  • Dynamically registers Siebel server and component availability
  • Stores component definitions, assignments, Operational parameters and connectivity information
  • Stored in the siebns.dat file in the shared directory

6. Siebel Connection Brokering

  • Directs clients request to the least laden Siebel server running the desired component
  • Does not apply to mobile and hand held client connections
  • Uses resonate central dispatch

7. Mobile and hand held clients connect directly to the Siebel server

8. Siebel server

  • Processes request from Siebel client
  • Obtains configuration information from Gateway server
  • Controls server components running on a machine
  • Runs as a windows service or Unix daemon process

9. Siebel Server Components

A type of program that executes on the Siebel server to perform a specific function or job.
Eg Sychronization manager, File system Manager, Workflow Manager, Object Manager, Communication server

10. Siebel Enterprise server

A logical grouping of the Siebel servers. There should one database server per enterprise server.

11. Siebel Object manager

  • Server component that creates and processes data at multiple levels
  • UI level(Supported by Siebel web engine)
  • Business Object Layer
  • Data object layer
  • Each Siebel application runs its own object manager

12. Siebel Data Manager

  • Dynamically generates database specific SQL statements in response to Object manager request. Passes data set results back to the object manager
  • Uses database specific client access libraries for best performance
  • Separates queries from business logic processing

13. Siebel Database Server

  • Stores Siebel data within a predefined database schema on a third party relational database management system.
  • Accessed by the data manager

14. Siebel web engine

  • Runs as a service as part of the Object manager
  • Processes Siebel requestAssembles templates to construct page framework
  • Requests retrieved data from object manager
  • Generates XML, HTML and WML from template and data
  • Pages passed to browser via Web server and SWSE

15. Siebel File system

  • Siebel file system is a shared directory that stores compressed files used by the Siebel application
  • Read/Write access is controlled by the file system manager component on the Siebel server

16. Do all Siebel clients run in the standard browsers?

Siebel client uses standard web browser to display information in the user interface with data retrieved from the Siebel database.

17. Types of Siebel client

  • Siebel Web Client
  • Siebel Wireless Web Client
  • Siebel Hand Held client
  • Siebel Mobile web client
  • Siebel Dedicated web client

18. Types of connectivity for the Siebel client to retrieve data

  • Siebel Web Client and Siebel Wireless Web Client connect through Web server
  • Siebel Hand Held client and Siebel Mobile web client connect through Siebel server
  • Siebel Dedicated web client connects to the database to retrieve data
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