Siebel Administration Interview Questions

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IBM Interview Questions on Siebel Admin, Siebel Administration Interview Questions asked in top companies.

  1. Explain Siebel architecture in detail.
  2. How do you do repository migration in Siebel ?
  3. Why the need to run the ddl synch ?
  4. We are configure load balancing set up we have generate one important file what is this?
  5. How will you stop and start the server in command prompt?
  6. How to connect to remote desktop in windows environment?
  7. For example one Enterprise server having four siebel servers then you can stop the enterprise server then the all the four siebel severs will be down?
  8. Some times users getting server busy errors? what is the root cause how to u resolve this is type problems what is your approach?
  9. One user getting some login page errors?he entered the username and password but he will get the login page cannot be displayed what happened what is the problem what is your approach?
  10. Some times siebns.dat file will be corrupted, how will you get the back up siebns.dat file?
  11. What is the use of gateway server use and what is the path of the siebns.dat file?
  12. While doing siebel server installations what is type of prerequisites you have to apply?
  13. Before applying patch installations for servers do you have to run the any prerequisites?
  14. For suppose I have enter example http//machinename/callcenter_enu typed the url but i will get that time login page error?what is the problem what you have to follows to get this type of errors?
  15. For suppose we have get four requests at a time how will the request goes to all the available servers?
  16. In a last week you have getting any problems from your development team?
  17. While doing repository migration the import and export and ddl synch how will you run the all these operations what type of tool you have to use?
  18. You have doing database extract that registering mobile client what type of parameters you have to give? what's the parameters 
  19. What is the difference between position and responsibility?
  20. Installation of Siebel servers what is the process?
  21. Before doing Siebel repository migration what type of activities you will do?
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