Siebel Administrator Interview Questions

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Siebel Administration Interview Question collection asked by experts.

  1. Explain something about your past/current projects and your roles & responsibilities.
  2. Explain Siebel architecture or Explain request flow in detail.
  3. How to do repository migration & DDL synch? Explain why do you need to run the DDL sync.
  4. How do you do daily health checks?
  5. Why to generate browser scripts & how to generate browser scripts.
  6. Explain performance tuning steps. What type of load balancer are you using
  7. Which authentication method are you using?
  8. How do you apply the patches?
  9. How to troubleshoot server busy error?
  10. What is siebns.dat file? Can you edit that?
  11. Briefly explain Siebel server installation pre-requisites & installation steps.
  12. How to generate lbconfig.txt file?
  13. Which reporting tool are you using? Is it actuate /BIP/OBIEE? How to integrate BIP/OBIEE with
  14. Siebel?
  15. Steps to extract local database and to set up Siebel tools & mobile clients?
  16. What is the difference between position and responsibility?
  17. How to cleanup Siebel file system?
  18. Have you ever been involved in resolving Siebel interfacing issues with other applications?
  19. Most recent issues & steps you have taken to troubleshoot those.
  20. How to setup Siebel email profiles?
  21. Emails are not getting triggered from the application, how will you troubleshoot?
  22. How to troubleshoot components crashes?
  23. How to decode & analyze FDR files?
  24. Have you ever been involved in DB refresh activity?
  25. Roles of SCbroker, SRbroker & SRproc components.
  26. How to deploy workflows? What is activate & why it is required?
  27. How workflow monitor agent works?
  28. What are SARM files and why to generate those?
  29. Have you ever been involved in Siebel version upgrade?
  30. Have you been involved in automating routine tasks?
  31. List your achievements/ challenging assignments as Siebel Administrator?
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