Oracle Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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Oracle Business Intelligence Interview Questions and OBIEE Frequently Asked Questions in MNCs.

  1. What is the relationship between saved objects in OBIEE Web Catalog and Repository?
  2. Which is the configurable NQSConfig.ini file parameters which affect disk space?
  3. How do you set INTERRUPT_ENABLED parameter for Analytics Server using DB2 as a source?
  4. How do you display Multiple Time Periods in a Single Report?
  5. Explain PopChart image server functionality in OBIEE version 7.5.x
  6. How to set up LDAP Security within Siebel Analytics Repository?
  7. When are Subject Areas and View Privileges visible in the Admin > Manage Privileges link?
  8. How can users move the "My Accounts" Link to the "My Dashboard" screen?
  9. What are the standard/best practice rules to build a hierarchy?
  10. How can users check the status of an iBot?
  11. How to set-up multiple Analytics repository access in Windows OS installs
  12. How should usage tracking information be loaded into OBIEE 7.5.x?
  13. Can the Oracle Business Intelligence Platform be upgraded without upgrading the Siebel application repository?
  14. What is guided navigation, custom page layout, and system message?
  15. How do we add/control a system message, explain the steps in detail?
  16. What are alerts. How do we schedule alerts?
  17. Why is the 'number of elements at a level' required for dimension?
  18. How do we set the Log level in Production, Locale?
  19. What is the process of bumping log files in production and how to debug the issue in production when log level set to 0 and how to get the query in the log file
  20. Explain DAC system Properties design, setup and configure, indices and tasks and sessions definition in the DAC
  21. Explain ETL configure dw_rep tables create and drop DAC repository, informatica Repository Tables
  22. Explain OBIEE briefing books and XML publisher
  23. Why ETL takes more time to complete how to debug and what approach to resolve the same?
  24. Explain session log, mapping, workflow, configuration settings of Informatica
  25. What is Roll back segment error, snapshot too old error?
  26. Explain Performance tuning, Conformed dimensions
  27. Explain change capture Process in ETL, Pruene Days
  28. Design the report from scratch ( Data Model)
  29. What is Level Based Measure, Grain in a fact Table?
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