Siebel Analytics OBIEE Interview Questions

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33 Interview Questions on Oracle Business Intelligence, OBIEE Job Interview Questions.

  1. How comfortable are you in Siebel tools to get the understanding of the Tables and joins?
  2. Explain the Data Modelling Fundamentals and Concepts Different Types of Data modelling (Physical & dimensional)
  3. What are the different utilities in OBIEE. Explain about the Admin tool, ODBC client & catalog.
  4. What are Joins & Keys in OBIEE Layers ie. Physical & Bus , creation of Aggregation Tables(Hierarchy,summary,sources)
  5. What are the different stages of working in Analytics Repository
  6. Datawarehouse Basics & ETLETL (A,b,c into x (a,b,c ->different Data sources) how to achieve by writing oracle procedure
  7. Explain about the Visiblity Model in OBIEE.
  8. How is advanced formatting achieved in OBIEE. How do you achieve Conditional Formatting of Reports.
  9. What is a Physical SQL, NQQuery Log, NQS Config. INI, Cluster Config ?
  10. Explain the difference between Integrated and Stand Alone Analytics
  11. Explain the hierarchy of the OBIEE Web components.
  12. How is the Event polling and purging done in OBIEE?
  13. How do you add a New dimension to the Existing DataMart
  14. Is Data model changed in Newer version of OBIEE .Why and what measures needs to be taken while upgrading.
  15. Ibot fails and gives odbc error in Production - How to prevent the error in delivering to the recipient?
  16. How to Create the report and what are the standards followed to do the same
  17. What is Star and Snow Flake schema. where snow flake can be used and which uses what schema (OLAP and OLTP)
  18. What is Image Prompt and column Prompt in siebel answers
  19. How a logical request works in OBIEE
  20. Explain about the Performance Tuning techniques applied in the OBIEE.
  21. What is OBIEE clustering? How fail over recognizes the other server
  22. Explain properties of connection pool, multiple connection pools to the same Database
  23. What is a Narrative View and Styles applied to charts and different view available in OBIEE
  24. Explain the process of upgrade of a old web cat to a new Web cat After the new installation of OBIEE
  25. Disconnected Who uses it and steps in configuring Disconnected application
  26. How to Bypass the Repository Authentication ?
  27. Which triggers the ETL and how data is refreshed ?
  28. What is a Corelated sub query, Derived Tables ?
  29. Explain what do you mean by Normalization and the five different normal forms
  30. What is the primary key, foreign key, alternate key, composite key and candidate key ?
  31. How do you bring data at run time from other database ?
  32. What is Meta data?Do we actually have database or is data stored in meta data
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