OBIEE Technical Interview Questions

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Oracle Business Intelligence Interview Questions, Jobs Interview Questions on OBIEE.

  1. What is System session and Variables in the Repository?
  2. Explain about Security Levels in OBIEE
  3. What is OLAP and OLTP ?
  4. Explain in detail about the Life cycle DWH
  5. Whats are Views ( Narrative, Static, View Selector, Compound layout, charts and other Views)
  6. What is the difference between Table and why Pivot Table View ?
  7. What is SRMW Siebel Data Warehouse (W_PARAM_G needs to be populated always for any ETL run or all the SIL mappings will fail.
  8. What are Aliases in OBIEE Physical Layer
  9. Explain Creation of Reports, Prompts and filters
  10. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using SQl in Physical Layer ?
  11. How is XLs Sheet imported in Physical Layer and its use
  12. What is Online and Offline mode in Repository
  13. How is Navigation done in OBIEE if column is selected from two same sources in the Logical Layer
  14. View and synonym where to use which scenarios in the Physical layer of the RPD
  15. Whats are Triggers in Oracle
  16. Can CASE statements used in Physical and Logical Layer ( IF Case and Switch CASE)
  17. What are Groups and Web Groups, Groubs thats created in WEb will it visible in RPD
  18. Explain Customization of Login Page ( style sheets and XML Files)
  19. What is the use of a web server in OBIEE ?
  20. What is Full and Incremental Load in SA ETL
  21. What is DB Growth and size of the Database after ETL
  22. How is mapping of new aggregate Table achievednin the Business Layer
  23. How to have a new column in siebel answers if the column is not available in Metadata
  24. What is DAC and ETL
  25. Explain in brief about Informatica, Siebel Applications Configuration and Siebel Tools and how are they related?
  26. What is a Multiuser check out & Administration of RPDS.
  27. Explain OBIEE Security & Single Sign on
  28. Explain about the Visibility Model in Siebel & OBIEE 
  29. What is the function of Connection Pool in the physical layer
  30. Explain different user authentication methods available in OBIEE
  31. Explain about Siebel Analytics column selector whats it it and how it can be used
  32. How are Servers installed after your Installation of siebel Analytics
  33. What are Action Links in Siebel application
  34. How does Siebel delivers Automatic population of Devices and profiles for users
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