Siebel CRM Configuration Questions and Answers

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Comprehensive Collection of Siebel CRM Configuration Questions and Answers gathered from Siebel Technical Experts

What is detailed category and what is its use in configuration.
Detailed Category and Aggregate Category are the two different sets. You can add a view to a screen under Detailed Category or an Aggregate Category. For Example:
If I am creating two Views as detailes views. First I need to create a Detailed Category. Then I have to create two Detailed Views, for which the "Category" property must be specified with the created Detailed Category name. This is same for Aggregate Views also.

What is constrainted picklist? Where you will drop the constraints?
Constrainted picklist displayed value based on contaraint used.
Add field to constraint in pickmap of a field where picklist has configured in BC and set constraint option of added field to true.

How will you edit the joined fields values in join?
Using picklists and MVGs. MVGs require join field and link as prerequisites unlike picklists where just a join is enough.

How will you improve your performance in views?
The basic factors for performance decrease in views will be. more number of applets. which led to many links. and more joined fields in a single applet. MVG's which do not have the primaries set.

What is Virtual BC? what is the use of vbc?
Virtual Business Component is used to display the data from another Legacy database table, in the Siebel screen.

What is Siebel file system?
It is a shared directory that stores compressed files used by Siebel applications. Examples: Product literature, sales tools, presentations
Read/write access is controlled by the File System Manager component on Siebel Server.

How is Siebel 7.x architecture different from Siebel 6.x?
In siebel 7.x it was defined as 1.Physical user interface2.Logical user interface3.Business layer4.Data layer5.Third party RdmsThe main difference is , In siebel 6.x Phycial interface was not achieved.In Physical Interface includes web templates, css sheets

How is load balancing maintained in Siebel?
Load balancing is maitained by the Gateway server using the third party software Resonate Central Dispatch.

What is Resonate?
Resonate is third party software development tool, which is used for distibuting the cilent request to the least laden siebel server.

What is nameserver? What does it do?
Name server is the part of gateway server that dynamically registers all servers in enterprise, serves a connection broker across the enterprise.

Is it required to install gateway server before installing a Siebel server?
Yes, Because one Gateway Server can have multiple Siebel Servers

What is the use of catch in escript?
The catch clause is used to handle the exception. To raise an exception, use the throw statement.
When you want to trap potential errors generated by a block of code, place that code in a try
statement, and follow the try statement with a catch statement. The catch statement is used to
process the exceptions that may occur in the manner you specify in the exception_handling_block.
The following example demonstrates the general form of the try statement with the catch clause. In
this example, the script continues executing after the error message is displayed:
catch( e )
"Something bad happened: %s

What is the relationship between a view and a b/o?
View references the business object. Every view is associated with a particular business object.

Why is it not recommended to modify existing base tables?
During upgradation it will cause problem if we extend base tables.More over if it is necessary u can go for extension tables

How do you create extension table to an interface table in Siebel?
Extension tables are created only for base tables.I think we can not extend the interface table.

What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?
Extension table may be 1:1 realation table to the base table or a 1:M relation to the base table.
1:1 extension table and the base table are logically considered as a single table.
Par_row_id will be the foriegn key.

Can you create an extension table with an intersection table?
We can not create an extension table with an intersection table

How do you create intersection table?
In Tools select new object wizard in that select Table enter the name of the table starting with CX_ and select the project and specify the type of table i.e. an intersection table for the two existing tables
Then it will ask the first Parent Table and foreign key column name for the first parent table in the same way fill the second parent table and FK column.

How is Siebel 7.x data model is different from Siebel 6.0 data model?
S_PARTY is the base tables and S_CONTACT,S_ORG_EXT,S_POSTN, S_USER are now extension tables. Siebel 6.x was dedicated application while from Siebel 7.x onwards we can access Siebel application via web.

What is seed data in Siebel?
The data that siebel supplies as a part of siebel vanilla application is seed data.

What is s_party table?
S_PARTY Table is the Base Table for all the Party related tables.
and etc.
the party tables can have the implied joins. the party related BC's have the S_PARTY as the base table. so, any of these tables are extension tables.

What does install.ksh and imprep.ksh files do?
Imprep.ksh : This is a database unix shell script provided by siebel for importing all your sif files in siebel repository.It is automatically run while installing siebel and it prepares Repository file in tools.
Install.ksh : contains all manually applied installation files.

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