Siebel Interview Questions and Answers

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How do you import List of Values?
Depends on any Hierarchies, but using EIM_LST_OF_VAL(for EIM load) import parents first then children, otherwise you will receive failure message.

What is the difference between EIM and EAI?
It is batch mode Integration. When data valume is large then we have to go to EIM
EAI : It is real time Integration. When data valume is small then we have to go to EAI

What is the difference between Join and Link?
Join: It defines M:1 relation between a field in BC to the Column in table.
Source Field is the Foreign key field in BC while Destination column is the Primary Key column in Table.
(i)It defines 1:M relation between a field in parent BC to the field in the child BC.
(ii)Source Field is the Primary Key field in Parent BC while Destination Field is the Foreign Key field in child BC.

How do you set up employees in Siebel?
The Employee is also a USER who must be assigned with a valid position. Since the Position maps to the Division which in turn maps to a Organistion the Data visibility is maintained through this position and the Responsibility of the user.

How do you assign responsibilities to employees in Siebel
In Administration Group > Employee there is a field called Responsibility there add your new Responsibility, make as Primary and remove the old one.

What are Pre defined Queries?
Pre Defined queries are some thing which helps us to navigate directly to particular screens or views. it helps in accessing the screens or views in faster manners

What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?
Extension table may be 1:1 realation table to the base table or a 1:M relation to the base table.
1:1 extension table and the base table are logically considered as a single table.
Par_row_id will be the foriegn key.

What is the difference between "PickList Generic" and "PickList Hierarchical" Business components?
"PickList Generic" BC is used for Static Picklists. "PickList Hierarchical" is used for Hierarchical PickLists

What is the link specification
Link spec uses parent type default values & gets the value for the child record

What does Business Component User Mode indicate
Business Component User Mode specifies the Visibility setting for the BC. Like "All", "Personal", "Manager", "Organisation".

What is All Mode Sort?
This property determines whether or not siebel will override the sort specification and if so determines the sort that will be applied to the BC for All or Manager's view. The values are TRUE, FALSE or NORMAL

NORMAL --uses BC defined sort specification
True --Overrides the BC osrt and Uses the U1 index
False - Removes all sorting.

When you have Pre Default Value and Post Default value for a Field, which one will be stored in the Database.
Pre Default Value will be defaulted when new record is created. Post Default Value will be defaulted if there is no value specified for the field. so, Pre Default Value will be stored in the Database. harsha: you can add quistions by clicking the hyperlink on the above bar "Ask Quistion".

How do you specify a view to be displayed as aggregate view in Siebel 7.7
When adding view to screen specify the type as aggregate view.But Before that you should create the parent category.then add this parent category to aggregate view.
Parent category for Aggregate view is not required. If there is a parent category for an aggregate view, then aggregate view will appears as a link in the view drop-down list in applet headers, or it will appears as a link in the link bar below screen tabs.

Why do we use Symbolic Strings in Siebel 7.7
In Siebel the text that is displayed on the screens and views are stored in the repository and compiled to an SRF file. This includes the names of every screen, views and fields. When you display a page the server uses the SRF file to determine which fields to show and what test (strings) are associated with each fied. This model of keepijng the strings from the view definition is called symbolic strings.
Reduces the redundancy
Simplifies maintenance because only you have to maintain one string for a given Term
Reduces the localization costs, Time and inconsistences.

What is horizontal and vertical in siebel?
Siebel Hrozontal application is general to every industry. where as Vertical is specific to a industry. such as eAutomobile, eInsurance, eBanking etc.

What is the "Parent Category" property for a Screen View?
This Parent Category specifies the view heading for a bunch of views related. the views belongs to this Parent Category will be shown as View Tabs below the master applet.

What is the function of SWSE on the Web Server? what is it?
SWSE(Siebel Web Server Extension)'s function is to accept the siebel requests and pass it on to Gateway server where the server manager decides, to which siebel server component should this request go.

Is it possible to have multiple database servers for one gateway server.
YES, But it needs multiple enterprise servers, for multiple database. As not more than one database, could be added to an enterprise server, these inturn could be connected to a single Gateway Server

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