Siebel Realtime Interview Questions with Answers

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Knowledge Base on Siebel Realtime Interview Questions with Answers with a comprehensive collection of interview tutorials

How do you control visibility in Siebel?
Visibility will be controlled by Position and Responsibility in Siebel. Position dictates the Data level visibility and the Responsibility dictates the view level visibility.

What is the difference between an organization and division in Siebel?
Organizations can be used to control data visibility, Divisions cannot.Divisions can be used to set Default Currencies.

How do you set up employees in Siebel?
The Employee is also a USER who must be assigned with a valid position. Since the Position maps to the Division which in turn maps to a Organistion the Data visibility is maintained through this position and the Responsibility of the user.

What happens if you create an employee in Siebel application and forget to create?
The employees would not be able to log in as you have to create a database login and password for the employee to login into the client application.

Why do you need to create employees at the database in Siebel?
To enable the employee to connect to the database using the Application and have database access, the user corresponding to that employee should be created in the Database

What is position type field in position applet?
Position type field is a picklist in position applet

What does an opportunity, account contact do in Siebel?
In siebel, opportunity account and contact are the business entities. and these entities have relationships for example one account has many opportunity etc., the relationships are one to one or one to many, many to many. These business entities are very essential to configure siebel application.

How is the opportunity related to an account?
oppotunity to account M:1 and account to opportunity 1:M

How is tools architecture constructed in in Siebel?
In siebel tools
Type gives parent child relationship
and Flat displays all the siebel objects
and Detail gives all the records in object.

What is the new layer in Siebel 7.x version?
Physical User Interface Layer

What do you mean by virtual business comp. in Siebel?
A BC which is not Based on any Siebel Base Tables and which get data data from other external sysytems instead of getting data from underlying siebel Base table

How does your b/c and view related?
View contains applets which are related to b/c. Collection of b/cs is b/o.

How do you display the no. of records in a picklist(combo box/drop down) not the records in the pickapplet, in just 3 rows and not 5 rows(which is the default)?
Set the HTML no of rows to 3

What is the use of the indirect multivalue link and how do you configure it?
use of indirect MVL.
Cnsider there are 3 bus comps. in that say there is no relation ship between the 1st and 2nd bus comp and there is relation ship between 2nd and 3 rd bus comp. but some fields are necessary from the 2nd bus comp. it will be fetched through the relationship from 1st and 3rd bus comp. this is called indirect MVL.

Whats the difference between siebel 7.5 and 7.8? if we upgarde the application to 7.8 from 7.5 what are the areas we need to give importance from QA(Testing) point of view?
Various Areas are -->
1. Workflows to be activated
2. All server components ( including repeating component)
3. All Interfaces
4. Third party software integration ( Humming Bird, ChartWork Server, IBM-LDAP, Actuate etc)
5. Actuate reports
6. Copy/Reprice Quote Functionality
7. Assignment Manager
These are the major area I believe.

What is the maximum number of applets can be there in a view
There can be eight applets at most in Siebel6.
There can be 16 applets at most in Siebel7.7.
How to call external webpage from siebel application
This can be done through scripting..
For an example:
In preinvoke method for a button click,
will open a webpage for a given url in URLNAME variable

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