Siebel Server Admin Interview Questions and Answers

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MCQ on Siebel Server Administration Interview Questions and FAQs.

1. Siebel server is running in enterprise server, status icon
a) no status icon
b) red
c) yellow
d) green

2) Siebel server is starting up in enterprise server, status icon will be
no status icon

3) Synchronize components

a) anytime when add, modify, delete component definitions
b) whenver add, modify, delete component definitions for batch component

4) user last syncronization, last extract date is provided in which remote status reporta) mobile status report
b) syncronization session report
c) syncronization frequency report
d) regional node status report

5) how to generate text output using evt

evt.exe -o text evt.exe -o textfile >
evt.exe -o html >
evt.exe -o htmlfile

6) Utility to check web client is properly configured and browser version.

1) web healthcheck
2) siebel bookshelf
3) pre-configuration task

8) ERD represents which of the following
1) business process
2) business entities and relationships in an organization

9) ERD is used to represent

a) business processes
b) relationships

10) New version of ERD doesnt have the following ( limitations ) choose three

1) add dotted-line capability
2) autogenerate erd based on configuration changes
3) importing and exporting
4) create business components

11)Mvg applet part of mvg shuttle applet

1) ok button
2) add, remove button
3) selected candidates
4) query field options
5) candidates available for selection

12) Functionality changes which changes data values to the variables automatically

1) rapid unit testing
2) load testing
3) functinality testing

13) Checking the effect of changes immdtly

1) functional testing
2) rapid unit testing

14) How to create new workflow definition

1) create new record in workflow process
2) select workflow process, lock project, create new record in OBLE
3) in business process admin screen

15) How to check the workflow process is working correctly

1) right-click design canvas and simulate

16) To simulate worklfow process, choose two

1) both tools and client installed on same machine
2) both tools and client on same network
3) must connect to same database

17) How to start workflow engine

18) How to assign subprocess to users

1) rightclick subprocess and show receipinets
2) users inbox

19) How to set business service method and business service name for workflow

1) properties of workflow user event servic
2) input aruguments of user event service

20) When you click on deploy button to deploy workflow

1) respository definition updated in tools only
2) repository definition updated in tools and client
3) definitions written to runtime tables

21) Where do you set the monitoring level for workflow processes

1) workflow instance monitor
2) workflow deployemnt view
3) step instances view
4) aggregate data view

22) Which is not option for tricklesync frequency

1) monthly
2) weekly
3) houly
4) minutes
5) system boot up

23) When will not trickle sync started?

1) system shutdonw
2) system boot up
3) mobile client startup
4) hourly
5) minutes

24) How to enable tricklesync

1) administrattor sets up in remote admin view
2) admin login to users local db
3) user sets the in user preferences view

25) When siebel reminder functionaly is enabled for tricklesync

1) siebel reminder popup window appers
2) automatically on system startup

26) By setting time-based filters

1) sync period is defined
2) sync frequency is defined
3) specify static cut-off time

27) What is the option to indivdual records to be included or excluded during sync.

1) selective retrieval
2) dock objects

29) Security adapter

1) user authentication
2) setting the value other than “none”

28) Define parameters for job templates

1) only default values
2) set parameters that you want to override from default values
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