Siebel Tools Configuration Interview Questions,Answers

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Siebel Configuration Interview Questions,Answers helpful for clearing any job interview.

What is eapps.cfg file. and what is its significance.
Eapps.cfg file means swse.
This significance is which application should point to which object manager.

Pick Applet, Dynamic Picklist: which will be better if performance issue is considered.
Pick applet and dynamic picklist both are one
DPL Contains the pick applet . So both are the one and same

What is the spooling? what is the process to run the spooling?According to my knowledge, When ever we are doing some action like create a new record or update a new record in siebel clients siebel internally run some sql scripts on the database.
If there is any error occured in the transaction then using spool we can get the sql script to a file.
Then we determine why this happened.
Spooling means spooling the queries generated internally by siebel to analyse the performance issues.

What is seed data in Siebel?Data which is loaded during Siebel installation is called Seed data.

What does install.ksh and imprep.ksh files do?
Imprep.ksh :
This is a database unix shell script provided by siebel for importing all your sif files in siebel repository.It is automatically run while installing siebel and it prepares Repository file in tools.
Install.ksh : contains all manually applied installation files.

Is it required to install gateway server before installing a Siebel server?Yes, Because one Gateway Server can have multiple Siebel Servers

How is load balancing maintained in Siebel?Load balancing is maitained by the Gateway server using the third party software Resonate Central Dispatch.

What is Virtual BC?what is the use of vbc?Virtual Business Component is used to display the data from another Legacy database table, in the Siebel screen. It is a staging area used to display Non Siebel data(Data from other sources) in Siebel application without actually storing the data in Siebel Database.

What happens if you create an employee in Siebel application and forget to create the same in database
The employees would not be able to log in as you have to create a database login and password for the employee to login into the client application.

What does position represents in Siebel?Position determines which records can be accessed by which users. This is in contrast to Responsibility, which gives View Access.

What is the difference between Master- detail view and MVG.Following are the main advantages:-
1) MVG Makes effective use of the space.
2) Mutliple set of detail records can be viewed from a single view.

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