IBM DB2 Job Interview Questions

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IBM DB2 Job Interview Questions.

Mainframe professionals are invited to share the answers.

  • Loading of ‘DB2 Unload with packed Decimal’ data to Oracle environment 2. Loading of Cobol Data streams with HEX Character data to Oracle environment Are there any tools, mechanisms in Oracle or any other third party product?
  • How many columns maximum can be created in a table of a inner table of the subquerry
  • When do we need a COLLECTION?
  • What is the roll of INDEX in a query?
  • What is stored in tables under creator SYSIBM?
  • File contains 5 records say D,E,F,C,A - How to copy D and A records only by using file-aid?
  • How to load data to a table?
  • A dataset contains 1000 records, How do you browse particular record using file-id?
  • What is difference between QMF & Spoofi?
  • Describe the elements of the SELECT query syntax. SELECT element FROM table WHERE conditional statement.
  • When you will use curser with hold option?
  • How to see the status of the table?
  • Can you see s9(4)comp3 data?
  • How to know other person job status?
  • How many clustering indexes are pasing for a table?
  • How to read last record in vsam file when the number of records is not known?
  • What is low values and high values?
  • What is an intent lock?
  • What is the index, types of index?
  • Can you display the index? 
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