JCL UTILITIES and ABEND CODES Interview Questions

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JCL UTILITIES and ABEND CODES Interview Questions.

Some common utilities used in JCL.

  • Copy one sequential file to another
  • Create datasets with input dataset as DUMMY
  • Copy the partitioned datasets
  • Compress the partitioned datasets
  • Include members of PDS within a copy transaction
  • Exclude members of PDS with in a copy transaction
  • Catalog datasets
  • Un-catalog datasets
  • Rename the datasets
  • Create the index for a generation data groups
  • Delete the Index for a generation data groups
  • Compare two partitioned datasets
  • Compare two sequential datasets
5. IEFBR14
  • Create a empty dataset
  • Create generation data groups


  • 1 S0C4 Caused by the subscript being out of range
  • 2 S0C5 Caused by invalid address specification. i.e. The address points to an instruction, control word or data outside the available real storage
  • 3 S0C7 Caused by a bad data. i.e. Data exception. When we are moving an alphanumeric field to a numeric computational field this Abend occurs. The result is an Abend failure
  • 4 S222 Caused by a job being cancelled by the operator, due to a request by the program for an unavailable resource.
  • 5 S237 Caused by end of volume being encountered.
  • 6 S322 Caused when CPU time assigned to the job, job step, or procedure has been exceeded. i.e. Time out error.
  • 7 S413 This abend occurs if the DD statement referenced by UNIT=AFF statement is not closed before the DD statement that comes before it.
  • 8 S522 Caused when a wait state exceeds an installation-defined time limit.
  • 9 SB37 Caused by lack of sufficient Secondary space
  • 10 SD37 Caused by lack of sufficient Primary space
  • 11 SE37 Caused by lack of space for PDS (Partitioned data set)
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