PeopleSoft Admin Interview Questions

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PeopleSoft Administration Interview Questions.

Help prepare for an Peoplesoft Administrator Interview.Below we have listed some PeopleSoft Admin Interview Questions which are asked in MNCs.

  • Can we install two different People Tools version on same machine i.e client, if yes , what oracle configuration should be installed? 
  • What are the AE programme options? 
  • Explain about the Optimizer values passed in Oracle? 
  • Given a SQL Statement, if you have been asked to check the right syntax ? 
  • What is One to Many Relationship? 
  • A Customer wants to use a new Image in HRMS, where it is stored? 
  • What are the People Tools available for Integration Broker? 
  • what are the views available in App Designer project workspace? 
  • What are the components which form the part of Integration Broker? 
  • In PeopleCode Debugger what are the valid values? 
  • Which tree types is NOT supported in the PeopleSoft tree manager? 
  • Your roles as PS DBA in current company 
  • What are all you know as a Peoplesoft DBA 
  • Architecture of Peoplesoft 
  • In which tier can you connect through Application Designer 
  • How to connect as a tier in Application Designer Where do you configure 
  • What is BB and BBL 
  • Explain with an example, where u used peoplecode extensively? 
  • How many Message nodes are possible for a database. 
  • What are the default values for PSAPPSRV and other servers when application designer started 
  • What is load balancing? 
  • What did you know about Application Server Clustering? 
  • In a production environment, all the application server reaches threshold, how do you configure new application server, so that web server is not bounced 
  • We are receiving "Application server is down at this time", but application server is running What would be the problem and how will you solve it 
  • What do you mean by session_timeout parameter? 
  • What is recycling the server processes 
  • How user is authenticated in Peoplesoft 
  • How will you change the sysadm password 
  • What did you know about reports and it's options 
  • From which table peoplesoft release information is obtained? 
  • What is the use of PSSTATUS table? 
  • Explain Installation of Peoplesoft 
  • When we login into datamover as sysadm?
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