CICS Interview Questions Collection from MNCs

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Collection of Mainframe CICS Interview Questions asked in MNCs.

  1. What is the CICS command do you need to obtain the user logon-id?
  2. What are transient data sets defined to CICS?
  3. Which is the command used to release a record on which exclusive control is gained?
  4. What will be the length of the eibcalen, if the transaction is used to CICS first time ?
  5. What is the usage of language in the PPT entry?
  6. Can you tell me what is the most common way of building queue-id of a TSQ ?
  7. Explain what is the function of the EXEC CICS HANDLE CONDITION command?
  8. Differentioate between the INTO and the SET option in the EXEC CICS RECEIVE MAP command?
  9. Explain what is the difference between a Symbolic map and Physical map?
  10. Tell me the command used to request notification when the specified time has expired?
  11. What is the CICS command that is used to copy a screen image of a terminal into another terminal?
  12. What do you mean by multitasking and multi-threading?
  13. What do you mean by EIB,  and how it can be used in CICS?
  14. What do you mean by ATI? What kind of TDQ can be used?
  15. Explain what is a mapset in CICS?
  16. What does the BUFFER option in RECEIVE signify?
  17. What is the CICS command that you would use to read a VSAM KSDS sequentially in ascending order?
  18. Explain in brief what are the parameters that you have to give when you are using the CSSN transaction?
  19. Can you tell me what are the beginning and end points of an LUW called?
  20. Describe CICS transaction initiation process.
  21. List some common CICS service programs and explain their usage?
  22. What is the table where you would make an entry for a BMS map?
  23. Explain how many conditions can you include in a single HANDLE CONDITION command?
  24. How can you place the cursor on a particular position on the screen in CICS?
  25. How can you delete Item 3 in a five-item TSQ?
  26. Explain how are programs re-initiated under CICS?
  27. Differentiate between Intra partition TDQ and Extra partition TDQ.
  28. Which is the AID that will not be identified in the ANYKEY option of the HANDLE AID command ?
  29. What will happen if the TDQ that you want to delete is not in the DCT?
  30. What is the name of the mapset definition macro?
  31. What is the function of the LOAD command?
  32. Differentiate between the XCTL and LINK commands ?
  33. What is the command used to send a map to a terminal?
  34. What is the CICS command that is used to receive
  35. What is Quasi-reentrancy in CICS. Explain ?
  36. What do you mean by ENQ in CICS?
  37. What is a resident program. Explain with examples?
  38. What does the following transactions do ?
  39. What CICS command would you use to read a VSAM KSDS sequentially in ascending order?
  40. What are the situations under which NEW COPY is required?
  41. What are the CICS commands associated with transient data queue processing?
  42. Specify the requirements for Automatic Task Initiation
  43. Name some important fields in the EIB block?
  44. Into what fields will the date and time values be moved after execution of the above command ?
  45. How many exceptional condition can be given in a HANDLE CONDITION?
  46. Explain how can you read from a TSQ?
  47. How can you dynamically set the CURSOR position to a specific field?
  48. How are VSAM files Read in CICS programs?
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