CICS Interview Questions Part 2

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Frequently Asked CICS Questions in Job Interview.

Mainframe professionals are invited to share the answers in the comment section.
  1. Explain what is the EIB field that gives the date when a task was started ?
  2. What is the option that is specified in the SEND command in CICS?
  3. Describe the process of converting the CICS commands into the equivalent host language statements called?
  4. Explain what is the meaning and use of the EIBAID field  in CICS?
  5. What is the error condition that is set when the file specified in the NAME option is not in the FCT?
  6. Explain what is the difference between physical map and symbolic map?
  7. What is the content of the PPT entry in CICS?
  8. What is the command for reading a record form a TSQ?
  9. Explain what is the access method used by DB2?
  10. What do you mean by MDT in CICS?
  11. What is the use of Communication Area in CICS?
  12. What is an ASRA abend that is used in CICS?
  13. Explain what is a cursor in CICS SQL processing?
  14. What do you do if you do not want characters entered by the user to be folded to uppercase ?
  15. What are the two outputs created as a result of generation of a map?
  16. What are the differences between and EXEC CICS XCTL and an EXEC CICS LINK command?
  17. Explain what are extra partition and intra partition TDQs?
  18. List all the CICS tables and explain their contents?
  19. How To SET MDT ( Modified Data Tag ) Thru Application Program ? (Dynamically) ?
  20. How is addressability achieved to the data outside programs working storage in CICS?
  21. How do you handle errors in CICS programs?
  22. How do you access storage outside your CICS program?
  23. Explain the various ways data can be passed between CICS programs.
  24. Do you require a table entry for a TSQ in CICS?
  25. Can you use OCCURS in a BMS map? If you do, what are the issues related with its use
  26. Can we define an alternate index on VSAM/RRDS?
  27. Why is a TERM ID recommended in naming a TSQ?
  28. Which is the macro used for making an entry in the PPT?
  29. When you do a START, what will the value of EIBCALEN?
  30. What other file control processing commands are used for file updating?
  31. Describe what is the purpose of the Program List Table?
  32. What is the meaning of BMS length of field = 0 ? 
  33. Explain what is the EXEC CICS HANDLE ABEND in CICS?
  34. What is the difference between pseudo-conversational and conversational in CICS?
  35. Explain what is the difference between a PF key and a PA key?
  36. What is the command that is used to add a new record to the file?
  37. What is the attribute byte in CICS?
  38. What do you mean by MDT? What are FSET, FRSET?
  39. What do the DFHEIBLK do in CICS?
  40. What is an ASRA.Explain?
  41. Explain what is a deadlock in CICS?
  42. What does EIB mean in CICS ?
  43. What are the two types of transient data queues?
  44. What are the differences between and EXEC CICS XCTL and EXEC CICS START command?
  45. Explain what are the three most common ways to create maps ?
  46. List the sequence of steps used to achieve Modiication in Skip Sequential Mode
  47. How will you access a VSAM file using an alternate index ?
  48. Explain how is dynamic memory allocated within a CICS application program?
  49. How can you initiate another transaction in CICS?
  50. How can you access the records randomly in TSQ ?
  51. For a CICS-DB2 program, how is the plan referenced?
  52. Explain floating maps with illustration.
  53. Can you access ESDS files from CICS?
  54. Why is it important not to execute a STOP RUN in CICS?
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