PeopleSoft HRMS / HCM Interview Questions Answers - Part 1

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PeopleSoft HRMS / HCM Interview Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, PeopleSoft HRMS MCQs.

The answers of the MCQs are highlighted with a (*)

What are four security solutions that are delivered with PeopleSoft? (Choose four.)
A.Fast Security 4
B.Fast Security 3 (*)
C.Location Security
D.Fast Security 2 (*)
E.Company Security
F.Department Security (*)
G.Fast Security 1 (*)

For the action of Short Term Disability, what is the resulting employee status?A.Active
C.Leave of Absence (*)
D.Leave with Pay

When working on a conversion, what does PeopleSoft recommend you use as the initial effective dates on the Job Code Table?
A.use 01/01/1900 use the date of your conversion
B.accommodate your longest active tenured employee
C.accommodate your longest tenured employee (*)

You have just added a new department to the Department Table. It is active and its effective date is less than today's date. When you try to transfer an employee to that department on an inserted row with today's date, the new department is NOT showing up. How can you resolve this issue? the Refresh Employees Table Process
B.add the department to the active Department Security Tree (*) the Update Department Security Tree Process
D.manually type in the department in the Department field and select Save from the Icon menu
E.Change the effective date of the record to match the effective date of the new department

You are helping the Compensation department set up the Job Code Table. Which three tables are associated with the Job Code Table and therefore should be set up prior to setting up the Job Code Table? (Choose three.)A.Salary Plan Table (*)
B.Job Function Table (*)
C.Job Description Table
D.SetID Table (*)
E.Job Hazard Table

A company wants you to set the dependent age limit to 19 for all benefits. Which table should you use?A.Benefit Plan Table
B.Calculation Rules Table
C.Dependent/Beneficiary Table
D.Benefit Program Table (*)

Which table has SetID as a high-level key?A.Business Unit Table
B.Location Table (*)
C.Job Profile Table
D.Comp Rate Code Table
E.Company Table

Which HRMS module does NOT use the Group Build functionality?A.Payroll (*)
B.Training Administration
C.Total Compensation Reporting
D.Variable Compensation
E.Salary Planning

A customer asks you to set up a medical plan on the Benefit Plan Table. Which table must you set up first?A.Flat Rate Table
B.Calculation Rules Table
C.Health Plan Table
D.Plan Specific Table
E.Provider/Vendor Table (*)

Which statement is true when processing benefits with multiple jobs?A.For each benefit record number, one job must be designated as the primary job. (*)
B.Benefit deductions are taken from all paychecks associated with the same benefit record number
C.Each benefit record number must be unique.
D.Each job must be assigned a unique benefit record number.

Your client has seasonal workers and wants to base the annual compensation rate on 125 work days per year. On which table do you define this requirement?
A.Comp Rate Table
B.Frequency Table (*)
C.Job Code Table
D.Installation Table
E.Default Frequency Table

A company has many employees who have two jobs. They want their employees to enroll in their benefits programs only once, instead of once per job. To accomplish this, they must use the same _____ for both jobs.A.Employee Record Number
B.Benefits Program
C.Pay Run ID
D.Pay Group
E.Benefits Record Number (*)

Where do you enter default values that are specific to a PeopleSoft user?A.Business Unit Options Defaults
B.Location Table
C.Installation Table
D.Org Defaults by Permission List (*)
E.User Profiles Component

A customer wants to set up a vacation plan and have the ability to track the vacation balances. Which three tables must be set up before you can track the vacation balances? (Choose three.)A.Calculation Rules Table
B.Provider/Vendor Table (*)
C.Earnings Table (*)
D.Deduction Table
E.Benefit Program Table (*)

On the Job Earnings Distribution Page, what are three ways you can distribute the employee's compensation? (Choose three.) a different Company a different Department (*) a different Job Codes and/or Position (*) a different Pay Group a different General Ledger Type (*)

Which deduction classification is used to set up a savings plan employer before-tax match?A.Before-Tax
B.Nontaxable Before-Tax Benefit (*)
C.Nontaxable Benefit
E.Taxable Benefit
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