PeopleSoft SQR Interview Questions

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PeopleSoft SQR Interview Questions, SQR Interview Questions asked in MNCs given below.

  • What are the Important SQC are need to be attached?
  • How do you do Performance tuning of SQR?
  • Did you worked with functions, procedures in SQR?
  • Can we call two Procedures in On-Break? If yes Then How?
  • How can you send emails using SQR
  • What are the compulsory SQC's that should be used in SQR Program?
  • How do you generate two output files from one SQR.
  • What is hierarchy in Arrays in SQR?
  • What is the difference in using inner join and outer joins?
  • Did you worked with functions, procedures in SQR?
  • Can we include SETENV.SQC at the end of the SQR program? If "NO" then why?
  • How do you include SQCs in middle of the program? Is it possible ?
  • We wish to print the EMPLID in the BARCODE Format. What are the commands we have to be used in SQR?
  • What are the compulsary SQC's that should be used in SQR Program?
  • What is Calculated,Dependent and Conditional Marter Inspection Characteristic?
  • Explain Normalization in oracle?
  • What is difference between Load Look up and Array
  • What is search Record?
  • What is the program flow of SQR?
  • What are the validation is done in SQR program before loading in to the database?
  • How to create SQC?
  • How to connect other application in component interface?
  • What is the main difference between SQR and APP ENGINE?
  • How do you decide between appeng/Ci and SQR while conversion?
  • What is Outer join, inner join in sql?
  • Explain the difference between Translate & Prompt tables. What are the occasions when to use translate values instead of Prompt table? What is the advantage of one over the other?
  • What is the difference between BI,CI and IB?
  • Tell me your experience with CI?
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