Siebel Actuate Interview Questions - 2

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Siebel Actuate Interview Questions asked in MNCs.

  1. If I want to use a Datastream globally what do we do. (composite Datastream)
  2. What property you use to Hide a control at runtime.
  3. Have you done some scripting in Actuate
  4. How do you display sum of two fields in Actuate - (val(control1) +val(control2))
  5. How do you display total of a field for all records displayed
  6. If I put a frame (multiple records) in Before, page header, page footer and after section, what will be displayed in report
  7. Have you used graphics in report (bar, pie) in Siebel Actuate Reports
  8. How do you make a graphic control visible/invisible based on data of another control
  9. How do you display parent and child data as a single record. (Memory sorter)
  10. If I use the same child Datastream more than once in Horizontal Seq section, what will happen? (forward only)
  11. What are Parameterized Report, how to configure it.
  12. What do Access Base DB Name, Template Name and Current Record represent.
  13. Explain the Steps you take to start developing a report from creation of rol to rox
  14. What control you use to implement Sorting records in Report
  15. How do you design a report which has multiple child datastream?
  16. What is the use of Memory Data Sorter?

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