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OBIEE Certification, OBIEE MCQ, OBIEE Multiple Choice Questions.

Why would you set default values for global filters? Choose two.A. Because setting a default value creates a larger data set
B. Because not setting the value will return all the data and thus negatively impact performance
C. Because the user may want it to default to a certain value
D. Because Siebel 7.7 requires a default value be set
E. Because setting default values ensures that a user only sees results based on his/her
Answer: B, C

Which of the following tasks can you perform in the Catalog Manager?
A. Set permissions for Web Catalog items
B. Manage privileges and rights given to groups and users
C. Set authentication options
D. Manage Web groups and users
Answer: A

What type of access can view content, but not make changes?
A. No Access
B. Traverse Folder
C. Change/Delete
D. Read
Answer: D

Which of the following is NOT true of the Intelligence Dashboards?
A. They can provide personalized views and preconfigured views
B. They can be created base on a user's permission
C. Users with common responsibilities or job functions can share a dashboard
D. Dashboard objects are saved in the repository
Answer: D

The name of the symbolic URL has to be exactly the same as which of the following?
A. The name of the business component
B. The name of the calculated value of the field of the business component
C. The name of the Web template item of the business component
D. The name of the business object component
Answer: B

Which of the following would be true when creating filters whose values automatically change with time? Choose two.
A. You can meet the requirements by creating dynamic filters
B. You can meet the requirement by using parenthetical filtering
C. Filters cannot be combined with other column filters from the same subject area to further
constrain the results of a request
D. The variables have to be constructed and saved in the repository to be used in Siebel Answers Answer: A, D

Which of the following are true of iBots? Choose three.
A. They are driven by events
B. They can execute scripts
C. They can trigger Siebel Workflow
D. They can directly trigger Siebel Assignment Manager
E. They cannot be subscribed
Answer: A, B, C

Which of the statements are TRUE of Bulb gauges? Choose three.
A. They show data with one or more indicator needles.
B. Their needles change position to indicate where data falls within predefined limits.
C. They are useful for scorecard-type output.
D. They show data using a circle.
E. The circle changes color to indicate whether data is within predefined limits.
Answer: C, D, E

You would like to customize the text elements that appear in Siebel Answers, Siebel Delivers, and on dashboard pages. Which of the following would you use?
A. Cascading Style Sheets
B. DHML Message files
C. XML Message files
D. Siebel Web Template items
Answer: C

You would like to configure your iBots so that when you are out of the office, the delivery contents will be delivered to the PDA, and when you are in the office, via emails. Which of the following would you need to set to meet the requirements? Choose three.
A. Delivery profiles
B. Delivery devices
C. Dashboard visibility
D. iBots
Answer: A, B, D

The members of which of the following groups can grant rights to users, set privileges to restrain access to any piece of information, and filter data so that the users have access to the data that are related to their role?
A. Everyone Group
B. Authenticated Users Group
C. Web Administrators Group
D. Administrators Group
Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT true of the Siebel Analytics Repository?
A. Repository subject areas have a one-to-one correspondence to prebuilt Intelligence
B. Prebuilt repository subject areas are exposed in Siebel Answers according to the user's
C. The prebuilt Siebel Analytics Repository has industry-specific stars that map to the SRMW and
Siebel OLTP database
D. Business models cannot map to more than one database
Answer: D

Which of the following are NOT recommended when working with the Analytics Catalog Manager? Choose two.
A. Give every user the access to Catalog Manager
B. Install Catalog Manager on Windows
C. Modify the Web catalog in the online mode
D. Stop the Siebel Analytics Web service before opening the Analytics Catalog Manager
E. Stop the Siebel Analytics Server
Answer: A, C

Select the items that may be displayed in Intelligence Dashboards. Choose three.
A. Documents
B. Alerts from Siebel Delivers
C. Web sites
D. Images, charts, tables, text, folders
E. Saved Analytics requests
Answer: B, D, E

Which of the statements is true of a narrative view?
A. It is used to add a title, subtitle, logo, or link.
B. It is used to add one or more paragraphs of text.
C. It is used to show filters in effect for a request.
D. It is used to display results as a marquee (moving results that scroll across a page).
Answer: B

Which of the following are true of a Web group? Choose two.
A. Groups are created in the Admin Console in Siebel Answers
B. Permissions and privileges can be assigned either in the Catalog Manager or in the Admin
Console in Siebel Answers
C. Web Group A is a member of the Web Group B. If Web Group A had Read access to
Dashboard A and Web Group B has Deny access to Dashboard A, Web Group A has Read
access to Dashboard A
D. Permissions can be granted to Web Groups but not to the specific users
Answer: A, B

Cascading style sheets can be used to define formatting.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Which are system-defined Web groups? Choose three.
A. Authenticated Users
B. System Administrators
C. Defined Users
D. Web Administrators
E. Everyone
Answer: A, D, E

What parameter controls user session timeout?
A. SessionExpireMinutes
B. ClientSessionExpireMinutes
C. LogonExpireMinutes
D. CatalogMaxAutosaves
Answer: B

Which of the following are ways to add a briefing book? Choose two.
A. From the Admin page under Activities, select Schedule Briefing Book.
B. From the bottom of the Dashboard page, click the Add to Briefing Book button.
C. From Siebel Delivers, select New Briefing Book.
D. Click the Add to Briefing Book link that appears with an individual request on the dashboard.
Answer: B, D

Which of the following are true of the Siebel Analytics Cascading Style Sheets? Choose three.
A. They cannot be modified by Siebel Analytics consultant
B. They define the Dashboard user interface
C. It is recommended that you keep copies of the modified file in the
c:\AnalyticsData\Web\Res\folder so that changes will not be overwritten by upgrades
D. Each Analytics view has its own section inside Views.css
E. Each class can have only one property/value pair in the format
Answer: B, C, D
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