Siebel Workflow Interview Questions

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Siebel Workflow Interview Questions,Siebel Workflow Quiz,Siebel Workflow Multiple Choice Questions

If I do a Insert operation at the Siebel Operation step in a Workflow process, the newly created record's row_id will be stored in ?
Object Id
Siebel Operation Object Id
Process Instance Id

When do I need to run Generate Triggers?
When I modify the workflow policy duration field
When I change the workflow policy action
When I change the workflow policy condition

After workflow monitor agent successfully processes the record, then it moves the record in which table?

Can we create a Workflow Process without a specifying a Business Object?

Can we insert a Wait Step in workflow with mode as "Service Flow" ?

If there are two business services, with exactly same name, one is Client BS (Administration - Business Services ) and the other is Tools BS ( Srf ), it is being used in a Workflow Process, which will take priority ?
Client Business Service
Tools Business Service (srf)

Can we deploy Workflow processes as Web Services?

Can you update MVF(multi value field) using the Siebel Operation step in a workflow process?

Increasing Workflow Persistence helps to trace the complete workflow execution, which helps to find error step in case a error happens. Where can we set the Persistence for a workflow in Application?
Administration Business Process -> Workflow Deployment -> Active Workflow Processes
Administration Business Process -> Workflow Instance Admin

The 'Stop' step of workflow is used to ?
Stop the workflow which can be resumed
Stop workflow execution with a custom popup message and which can't be resumed
Normally stops the workflow without any popup message

Which of the following business service can be used to call a Workflow Process asynchronously?
Workflow Process Manager
Asynchronous Server Requests

Can we have more than one version of Active Workflow Process?
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