AS-400 Interview Questions and Answers: Part II

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AS-400 Interview Questions and Answers from job interviews.

How do you pass parameters in CL?
Answer :
Using PARM keyword.

What are the valid user defined data area types?
Answer :

What is Multi-format logical file?
Answer :
Logical which uses fields from two or more physical files.

What is the Select and Omit criteria in logical file?
Answer :
This is used to specify rules for the Selection/Omission of records from a Physical File.

Can fields be concatenated INa logical file level?
Answer :
Yes. by using CONCAT keyword

When would the ALL keyword be used?
Answer :
Use with Select or Omit, to select/omit records.

What are the different types of keywords in display files?
Answer :
File level, Record format level, Field level

What is difference between CAT, TCAT, BCAT?
Answer :

CAT - Concatenate two variables or constants into one continuous string.
BCAT - Truncates all trailing blanks in the first character string, one blank is inserted, then the two character strings
are concatenated.
TCAT - Truncates all trailing blanks in the first character string, the two character strings
are concatenated.

What are the different types of messages in CL?
Answer :
Immediate message, Break message, Program message, User message

How to trap errors in CL?
Answer :
By using Monitor Message Command (MONMSG)

What is the maximum length of a variable name in CL?
Answer :
Maximum 11 characters (including '&')

What are the limitations of CL (compare to RPG) ?
Answer :
You can not use CL program to ADD or UPDATE records in database files.
Use Printer or ICF files.
Use Program described files.
Use the concept of subfile (to display more than one record), but a single output message subfile is a special type of
subfile that is supported well in CL.
Use subroutines.
You cannot declare more than one object (file) in a CL programme.

What is the use of Header Specification in RPG/400?
Answer :
It identifies by H in column 6, provides informaion about generating and running programs.

When will DUMP and DEBUG opcodes be ignored?
Answer :
If blank is specified in position 15 of H specs.

Specify different indicators used in RPG?
Answer :
Overflow indicators
Record Identifying Indicators
Field Indicators
Resulting Indicators
Control Level Indicators

What are Control level indicators?
Answer :
L1 to L9 used to identify certain fields on control fields and then used to condition which operations are to be processed at detail or total calculation or output time.

What is the use of E specification in RPG?
Answer :
Extension Specs describes all record address files, arrays and tables.

What is the use of L specs in RPG?
:Line counter specification can be used to describe printer file to indicate the length of the form and number of lines per page.

In which specification the report layout can be defined?
Answer :
O Specification.

How many files can be defined in F specs?
Answer :

How many printer files can be defined in F specs ?
Answer :
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