AS-400 Interview Questions and Answers: Part III

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TCS AS-400 Interview Questions and Answers.

Give three main purposes of File specification ?
Answer :
To define files, to describe the files, to assign the files to specified devices.

How do you specify page overflow indicator for printer files in RPG?
Answer :
Specify an indicator in position 33-34 of F specification.

What is a Primary File?
Answer :
It is used in RPG Program Cycle to automatically read records in a cycle.

Can a indexed file be accessed in arrival sequence in RPG program?

What opcode could be used to test an alphanumeric field for all numeric values?
Answer :

What opcode will be used to test the zone of a character field?
Answer :

How to read database records without locking them?
Answer :
Put 'N' in position 53 of C specs.

What does CHECK opcode is used?
Answer :
The check operation verifies that each character in the base string (factor 2) is among the character indicated in the comparator string (factor 1).

What does 'SR' in columns 7-8 of C specs mean?
Answer :
Calculation operation is a part of RPG subroutine.

What is SCAN and XLATE?
Answer :
SCAN operation scans a character string (base string) contained in factor 2 for a substring (compare string ) contained in factor 1.
XLATE operation translates characters in source string (factor 2 ) to the from and to strings (factor 1 ) and put into the result field.

How do you use commitment control in RPG program ?
Answer :
Using COMIT operation. Makes all changes to the files that have been specified in output operation since the previous COMIT or the begining of operations under commitment control(if there has been no previous COMIT or ROLBK operation).

How do you use exceptional write in C specs?
Answer :
Using EXCPT opcode.

What does the opcode FREE do?
Answer :
The FREE operation removes a program from the list of activated programs, frees static storage and ensures program initialization (first cycle processing) the next time program is called. It does not close file or unlock data area.

What does opcode POST do?
Answer :
Puts information in INFDS.

What is the maximum number of elements in an array?
Answer :

What is a Program Described file in RPG?
Answer :
The field name and length of the fields are defined with in the RPG program.

What is externally described file ?
Answer :
All information about the fields is specified in DDS and the RPG program can use them with in the program.

Can you specify a display file to be used in the following modes Input, Output, or Combined modes ?
Answer :

What is match field indicator?
Answer :
Matching record indicator is seton when all the matching fields in the record of a secondary file matches with all the matching fields of a record in a primary file.

What is the length of a variable in RPG?
Answer :
6 Characters.

When is a TAG statement used in RPG?
Answer :
It is used as Label.

Can we define Multi-dimensional arrays in RPG?
Answer :

What is XFOOT opcode?
Answer :
Adds all the elements in a numeric array, and places the sum in the result field.

How can we sort an array?
Answer :
By using SORTA opcode.

What is Program Status Data Structure?
Answer :
A Program status DS can defined to make program exception/error information available to an RPG program.
DS is defined as program status DS by an S in position 18 of the DS statement.
*STATUS contains status code.
*ROUTINE : contains name of routine in which the exception/error occurred
*PARMS : contains the number parameters passed to this program from the calling program.

What is the maximum number of times Multiple Occurrences DS can occur in a program?
Answer :

What are all the compiler directive statements?
Answer : /

What is SAA?
Answer :
Systems Application Architecture (SAA) is a collection of selected software interfaces, conventions, and protocols that will provide a consistent framework across the System/370, AS/400 and PS/2.
During execution, an RPG/400 program automatically follows a sequence of operations for each record that is processed. The built-in program cycle includes
the following logical steps.
1. reading input (READ)
2. processing calculations (PROCESS)
3. writing output (WRITE)

What is the Function of PDM?
Answer :
Productivity tool for copying, deleting, scanning, changing & creating source files.

What is the function of SEU ?
Answer :
A utility for editing programming language source code.

How can the user implicitly open and close the files in RPG program ?
Answer :
Enter UC in position 71-72 of F specs.
Use OPEN and CLOSE opcodes in RPG program to open and close files.

How many parameters can be defined in a RPG program. ?
Answer :

What is File Information Data Structure?
Answer :
File Information Data structure (INFDS) can be defined for each file to make file exception/error information available to the program. A file information data structure contains predefined subfields that identify: the name of the file for which the exception/error occurred. the record being processed when the exception/error occurred or the record that caused the exception/error. The last operation being processed when the exception/error
occurred.The status code. The RPG routine in which the exception/error occurred.

What is the use of SDA ?
Answer :
Screen Design Aid is used to create display files interactively.
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