AS400 Realtime Interview Questions Answers : II

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IBM AS400 Realtime Interview Questions and Answers.

How to see the CPU usage?
Answer :

While designing the screen, F3 function key is kept common for all record formats. On which level should it be defined?
Answer :
File Level

Write down any two mandatory keywords used when defining a subfile?
Answer :

While designing the screen user wants to add file level keywords, then which function key should be pressed?
Answer :

Which Function key should be pressed to define hidden field while you are working with SDA?
Answer :

Which function key should be pressed to watch all strings defined on the SDA screen?
Answer :

While designing the screen using SDA, which function key should be pressed to get the field from the field reference file?
Answer :

From work with member using PDM screen you have to modify existing member using SDA, which option do you select?
Answer :

While designing the report using RLU, user wants to add record level keyword then which function key should be pressed?
Answer :

If user wants to add one field on the report then which function key should be pressed?
Answer :

After getting field reference from reference file selected files will appear at the bottom of the screen and then which command function will be used to get it on screen with its label to be left aligned?
Answer :

If user wants to center the company name on his report then which line command will be used?
Answer :

If user wants to change the length of the numeric field defined in report then which combination of keys will be used?
Answer :
F23 & F10.

What is difference between SKIPB (2) & SPACEB (2).
If user wants to define new numeric field on record format then which line command will be used?
Answer :

Maximum report length is 132, if user is designing a report using RLU?
Answer :
FALSE (378 Max).

To change constant field defined on RLU screen which field level keyword should be used?
Answer :

Which field level keyword should be used to change any numeric field of length 8 to 99.99.9999 format?
Answer :
EDTWRD (‘ . . ‘)

Using Query, its also possible to create level break reports.
Answer :

Types of Libraries on As/400?
Answer :
There are 3 types of libraries on As/400 they are System (*sys), User (*test) & Product (*prod).

Type of Source File & Physical File?
Answer :
Source File: - *PF/SRC Physical File: - *PF/DTA

What’s the use of STRPDM?
Answer :
To work with Libraries, Objects, Members & User Options.

In which Specs can PF be made internally?
Answer :
In I Specs.

What is the format of As/400 Commands?
Answer :
Verb Object Qualifier Verb: - action Object: - on which action is performed Qualifier: - identifies your job

What is externally described file?
Answer :
A file, which is created externally & described in the program, is called as external described file.

What is Qualified & Unqualified path?
Answer :
Qualified path means mentioning object name along with library name while Unqualified path means directly writing the object name.

Which path a good programmer should use?
Answer :
Unqualified path.

How many types of files are available on As/400?
Answer :
There are 2 types of files on As/400 they are Databases files & Device files.
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  1. i have a pf on which a lf is created. if i cal that logical file no data is displaying. in which senario it wil happen



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