CICS Interview Questions Part 4

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CICS Job Interview Questions for Mainframe Technical Interview.

CICS Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions.

Mainframe professionals are invited to share the answers in the comment section.
  1. Explain what is the difference between using the READ command with INTO option and SET option?
  2. Can you tell me what is the use of DCT in CICS?
  3. What is the option that is used to erase all unprotected field during a SEND MAP operation?
  4. Explain what is the function of the Terminal Control Table (TCT) ?
  5. What is the difference between EXEC CICS HANDLE CONDTION and an EXEC CICS IGNORE command?
  6. What is the command which will delete a program loaded into the main storage using LOAD command ?
  7. What is the CICS command used to access current date and time?
  8. Explain some of the information available in the EIB area?
  9. Describe the command ENQ, DEQ in CICS?
  10. Can you tell me what is the use of CEBR in CICS?
  11. What do you mean by a transid and explain the system transid CEMT?
  12. What happens to resources supplied to a transaction when an XCTL command is executed ?
  13. What CICS facilities can you use to save data between the transactions?
  14. Explain what are the six different type of argument values in COBOL that can be placed in various options of a CICS command?
  15. What are the CICS commands available for program control?
  16. Can TSQs can be written in the Main storage or Auxiliary storage?
  17. Can Sync points cannot be requested by the application programs?
  18. Name some of the common tables in CICS and their usage.
  19. If DATAONLY option is specified in the SEND MAP command what will happen?
  20. How many ways are there for initiating a transaction and what are they ?
  21. Describe how can you rollback data written to an ESDS file in CICS?
  22. How can you establish a starting position in a browse operation?
  23. How can the fact that EIBCALEN is equal to zeros be of use to an application programmer?
  24. Explain the means of supporting pseudo conversation programming
  25. Can you have CICS code in a copybook ? If yes, what will happens during compilation?
  26. Are sequential files supported by CICS?
  27. Which option of the PCT entry is used to specify the PF key?
  28. When an application is invoked via the EXEC CICS START command?
  29. Can you tell me what is the use of DSECT parameter in BMS
  30. Suggest an alternate way of terminating a transaction in CICS?
  31. Explain what is the function of the Terminal Control table?
  32. What is the difference between getting the system time with EIBTIME and ASKTIME command?
  33. Differentiate between FSET and FRSET in CICS?
  34. Explain what is the COMMAREA (communications area)?
  35. Describe the CICS LOAD command?
  36. Explain what is task control and what are the CICS commands associated with it?
  37. What is EXEC CICS RETRIEVE. Explain?
  38. What is CECI in CICS use for?
  39. Explain what is a two Phase commit in CICS?
  40. What happens when a CICS command contains the NOHANDLE option?
  41. What command do you issue to delete a record in a transient data queue ?
  42. What are the steps you go through to a create a BMS executable?
  43. What are the commands used to gain exclusive control over a resource
  44. Explain what are attribute bytes and how and why are they modified?
  45. Can you name some translator and compile options and explain their meaning?
  46. Is there any entry for TSQs in CICS tables?
  47. If I create a TSQ from one transaction, can I read it from another transaction?
  48. How to build up LU 6.2 communication in CICS?
  49. How can you execute a background CICS transaction ?
  50. How can you set the MDT option to ON status, even if data is not entered?
  51. How can you accomplish break-point in interest ?
  52. Explain the term "MRO" (Multi Region Operation) in CICS?
  53. Differentiate between a package and a plan in DB2.
  54. Can you issue SQL COMMIT from a CICS program?
  55. Before issuing an ASKTIME command what will be the values in the EIBDATE and EIBTIME fields if the EIB?
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