Wipro DB2 Interview Questions

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Wipro DB2 Interview Questions.

Mainframe professionals are invited to share the answers.

  • When do you use subroutines in DB2? 
  • What do you mean by index cardinality? 
  • What is an inner join, and an outer join? 
  • What are the 4 environments which can access DB2 
  • Are views updateable what is sqlcode -811 
  • Why SELECT * is not preferred in embedded SQL programs? 
  • What are correlated sub queries in DB2? 
  • How would you retrieve rows from a DB2 table in embedded SQL? 
  • How do you specify and use a cursor in a COBOL program? 
  • What happens when you say OPEN CURSOR in DB2? 
  • Is DECLARE CURSOR executable? 
  • Can you have more than one cursor open at any one time in a program? 
  • When you COMMIT, is the cursor closed in DB2? 
  • When will you chose to run RUNSTATS 
  • Explain how do you insert a record with a null column? 
  • How do you leave the cursor open after issuing a COMMIT? 
  • What is the physical storage length of each of the following DB2 data types? 
  • What is the COBOL picture clause of the following DB2 data types? 
  • What is the COBOL picture clause for a DB2 column defined as DECIMAL(11,2)? 
  • Is it mandatory to use DCLGEN? If not, why would you use it at all? 
  • Is DECLARE TABLE in DCLGEN necessary? Why it used? 
  • Will precompiled of an DB2-COBOL program bomb, if DB2 is down? 
  • How is a typical DB2 batch pgm executed? 
  • Name some fields from SQLCA in DB2 
  • How can you quickly find out the # of rows updated after an update statement? 
  • What do you need to do before you do EXPLAIN? 
  • Where the output of is EXPLAIN stored in DB2? 
  • EXPLAIN has output with MATCHCOLS = 0. What does it mean?
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