PeopleSoft HRMS / HCM Interview Questions Answers - Part 2

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PeopleSoft HCM Multiple Choice Interview Questions Answers

Which table is used to add additional plan types to the database?A.Benefit Program Table
B.Benefit Plan Table
C.Plan Specific Table
D.Translate Table (*)
E.Plan Type Table

When building a Benefit Program, which four fields are in the Option section? (Choose four.)A.Option Type (*)
B.Benefit Plan (*)
C.Self-Service Configuration
D.Deduction Code (*)
E.Calc Table ID
F.Coverage Code (*)

An employee has a current row with the action of Promotion with an effective date of June 6, 2002. The human resources administrator then receives a personnel change form that states the employee should have received a merit increase as of March 1, 2002. What action type does the administrator use to

A.insert the Merit Increase row?
B.Update/Display All
C.Correct History (*)
F.Include History

Which table has SetID as a high-level key?A.Comp Rate Code Table
B.Job Profile Table
C.Company Table
D.Job Code Table (*)

Which table is considered an Implementation Processing Rules and Default Table?A.Establishment Table
B.Business Unit Table
C.Set ID Table
D.TableSet Control Table
E.Installation Table (*)

How can the Location Table impact an employee's compensation?A.Salary grades are defaulted from the Location Table
B.Salary plans are defaulted from the Location Table. (*)
C.Compensation is not affected by the Location Table.
D.Comp rate codes are set up on the Location Table.

You have been asked to participate in a fit/gap analysis for the Payroll module. You have never participated in a fit/gap before. Which three questions are part of a fit/gap analysis for Payroll? (Choose three.)A.What are the names and addresses of the company's benefit providers?
B.Does the company currently offer savings plans? (*)
C.How do you collect time information for your employees? (*)
D.How many Job Codes does your company currently have?
E.How many earnings types does your organization have? (*)

A data entry clerk is processing a new hire. He is about to enter data into the Supervisor ID field and finds it has already been populated. On which table was this default set?A.Department Table (*)
B.Location Table
C.Paygroup Table
D.Org Defaults by Permission List Table
E.Job Code Table

A company has a maximum coverage of $1,000,000 over all life insurance plans.
The maximum coverages for the company are: Life - $500,000 Supplemental Life - $400,000 AD/D - $300,000 If an employee selects the maximum coverages for each life insurance plan, what will be the saved coverages for each plan type?
A.Life - $500,000; Supplemental Life - $400,000; AD/D - $300,000
B.Life - $500,000; Supplemental Life - $400,000; AD/D - $100,000 (*)
C.Life - $333,333; Supplemental Life - $333,333; AD/D - $333,333
D.Life - $500,000; Supplemental Life - $200,000; AD/D - $300,000
E.Life - $300,000; Supplemental Life - $400,000; AD/D - $300,000

How should you inactivate an Effective-dated row in a foundation table?A.using Add, insert a new row with an effective date greater than Current row
B.using Correct History, change the status to Inactive
C.insert a new row and change the effective status to Inactive (*)
D.verify that there are no references to the value in any other tables, then delete the row
E.change the values on all records that use this row, then delete it

Which employees appear on the BEN733 - Base Benefits Audit Report?A.all employees not enrolled in a benefits program
B.employees with dependents signed up for benefits
C.employees younger than 16 years old (*)
D.employees with spouses signed up for benefits
E.employees with multiple job records
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