PeopleSoft HRMS / HCM Interview Questions

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PeopleSoft HRMS Module Interview Questions. 

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  • How many types of payrolls are there? 
  • How do you declare bonus of an employee in Peoplesoft HRMS Payroll? 
  • What is the most important Record in PS HRMS 
  • A Customer wants to use a new Image in HRMS, where it is stored? 
  • what are the important tables in Peoplesoft HRMS 
  • What is the purpose of update/display mode? 
  • What is difference between Person ID and Employee ID? 
  • What are four security solutions that are delivered with PeopleSoft 
  • What are all the two statuses will be available on the top of the job data? 
  • What are all the different types of action/reasons available on the system? 
  • Which table has SetID as a high-level key? 
  • Where do you define user related defaults? 
  • What are three security solutions that are delivered with PeopleSoft? 
  • What is the default tree name need to give while creating the new tree? 
  • Which deduction classification is used to set up a savings plan employer before-tax match? 
  • Which table is considered an Implementation Processing Rules and Default Table? 
  • What do you mean by budget and incumbents? 
  • What is Effective Sequence? 
  • What is the difference between Set Id and a Business Unit? 
  • How should you inactivate an Effective-dated row in a foundation table? 
  • You are going to set up a long term disability plan. Which plan type group should you use? 
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