PeopleSoft HRMS / HCM MCQ - Part 1

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PeopleSoft HRMS MCQs.

The answers of the MCQs are highlighted with a (*)

Which pay component comprises the Compensation Rate on the Job Table?
A.Annual Benefits Base Rate
B.Non-Base Pay
C.Rate Code Group
D.Non-Base Supplemental Pay
E.Base Pay (*)

Where do you define user related defaults?A.Department Security Tree
B.Org Defaults By Permissions Table (*)
C.Row Security Table
D.Roles Table

Business Unit Options Defaults Table
You have been asked to set up the Job Code Table. Which two foundation tables should you set up initially? (Choose two.)
A.Pay Group Table
B.SetID Table (*)
C.Salary Plan Table (*)
D.Career Plan Table
E.Job Description Table

An employee has been promoted and you are adding the new Job row to his record. When you try to enter the Job Code, it does not show up in the prompt table search results. What are three possible causes of this problem? (Choose three.)A.The effective date on the Job Code is greater than the effective date on the Job row. (*)
B.The Job Code has no salary plan or grade associated with it.
C.Your security does not include access to the Job Code's SetID. (*)
D.The SetID of the Job Code is different from the SetID assigned to the employee's Business Unit on the TableSet Control Table (*)

Which PeopleSoft-delivered benefit plan types are assigned to 30 through 39? insurance plans plans
C.disability plans (*)
D.pension plans
E.leave plans

Which PeopleSoft-delivered benefit plan types are assigned to 20 through 29? insurance plans (*) plans
C.disability plans
D.leave plans
E.pension plans

The dependent age limit is 19 for all benefits. Which table should you use to exclude disabled dependents from the age limit?A.Benefit Program Table (*)
B.Calculation Rules Table
C.Dependent/Beneficiary Table
D.Benefit Plan Table

What three elements of a benefit deduction are specified on either the benefit plan or plan specific tables? (Choose three)A.a calculation routine for the deduction (*)
B.vendor information for payment of the deduction
C.the deduction code (*)
D.the priority of the deduction to handle arrears for the deduction

You are going to set up a long term disability plan. Which plan type group should you use?A.5X
D.3X (*)

A company has a maximum coverage of $1,000,000 over all life insurance plans. The maximum coverage for each plan is: Life - $600,000 Supplemental Life - $300,000 AD/D - $300,000 If an employee selects the maximum coverages for each life insurance plan, what will be the saved coverages for each plan type?A.Life - $600,000; Supplemental Life - $300,000; AD/D - $300,000
B.Life - $600,000; Supplemental Life - $300,000; AD/D - $100,000 (*)
C.Life - $333,333; Supplemental Life - $333,333; AD/D - $333,333
D.Life - $400,000; Supplemental Life - $300,000; AD/D - $300,000
E.Life - $600,000; Supplemental Life - $100,000; AD/D - $300,000

The PeopleSoft system is configured to allow partial deductions and deduction arrears. An employee has net pay of $300 and deductions totaling $500. Which partial deduction is taken?A.$400
C.$300 (*)

On which benefits setup table do you associate health plans and providers?A.Benefit Plan Table (*)
B.Deduction Table
C.Health Plan Table
D.Benefit Program Table
EProvider/Vendor Table
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