PeopleSoft HRMS Interview Questions and Answers : Part 1

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Please find below some of the basic Interview Questions asked on PeopleSoft HRMS Module.

What are all the components will have data permission security control access?• Departments
• Employee, Contingent Worker, and POI with Jobs.
• POI without jobs.
• Recruiting Federal People with jobs.
• Template based hires.

What are all the organisational relationships available while hiring an employee?
• Employee
• Contingent Worker
• Person of Interest (POI)

List down the people part of the POI?
• COBRA Participants
• Pension Payees
• Global Payroll Payees
• Stock non-HR Person
• Stock board members
• External Instructor
• Payroll Employees
• External Trainers

What are all the People Tools Security?• Permission List
• Roles
• User Profiles

What are all the default programs you need to run after the creating the user profile?• Refresh SJT CLASS ALL
• Refresh Trans. SJT tables
• Refresh SJT OPR CLS

What are all the default Permission List used while creating the User ID?• Navigator Homepage Permission List
• Process Profile Permission List
• Primary Permission List

What are all the methods for assigning Data Permission Access to Permission List?• Tree based data permission security
• Role based data permission security

What are all the Access types for Department security sets?• Departments by Tree
• Departments by non – tree
• Departments by set id

What are all the Access types for People with jobs security sets?
• Job department tree
• Job location
• Jon business unit
• Job Company
• Job regulatory region
• Job salary grade
• Person organisation
• Department ID – non tree
• Company – Pay group

What are all the Access types for People without jobs security sets?• POI Business Unit
• POI Location
• POI Institution
• Person of Interest

What are all the Access types for Recruiting Job Opening security sets?
• RS Company
• RS Business Unit
• RS Department ID
• RS Location
• Recruiting Team

What are all the Access types for Template Based Hire security sets?• Template ID
• Template Category
• Person Organisation
• Country
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