PeopleSoft HRMS Interview Questions and Answers : Part 2

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Please find below some of the basic Interview Questions asked on PeopleSoft HRMS Module. PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM Interview.

What are all the tree manager definitions?
• Level
• Node
• Parent
• Sibiling
• Child

What are all the various types of SJT?• SJT_CLASS

What are all the organisational instance components?
• Add Employment Instance (Job_Data_Emp)
• Add Contingent Worker Instance (Job_Data_CWR)
• Add Person of Interest Job (Jon_Data_POI)

What are all the job instances used for POIs?• COBRA qualified beneficiaries
• Stock employees not administered in Human Resources
• Global Payroll Employees
• Pension Payees
• Stock board members

What are all the purpose of the Job Earnings Distribution Information Page?
We can distribute the worker’s compensation on the basis of the following:
• Department
• Job Code
• Earnings Code
• Business Unit
• Shift
• Position Number
• General Ledger Pay type

What are all the job level defaults?• Work
• Job Information
• Job Labor
• Payroll
• Salary Plan
• Compensation
• Employment Information
• Benefit Program Participation
• Earnings Distribution

What are all the main components for setting the hire template?• Template Record/Field
• Template Section
• Template Category Table
• Template Creation

What are all the statuses used to define templates?
• Test (Default Value)
• Active
• Inactive

What are all the statuses available on the template hire status page?• Pending Hires
• Cancelled Hires
• Processed Hires

What are the methods available to update worker’s compensation packages?
• Seniority Pay increases
• Grade Advance increases
• Automated step increases
• Step increases using review bands
• Amount increases
• Percentage increases

What are all the components available under Setup HRMS?• Install
• Security
• Upgrade
• Foundation Tables
• Common Definitions
• Product Related
• System Administration
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