PeopleSoft HRMS Interview Questions and Answers : Part 3

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Below are some of the basic Interview Questions asked on PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM Module.

What is Effective Date?
Answer : Information Component /Record linked to the data EFFDT. Information changes based on the EFFDT.

What is Effective Sequence?
Answer : Identifier to find the order of multiple transactions occurring on a same EFFDT.

What is the effective sequence’s default number?

Answer : 0

What’s the difference between a position number and a job code?

Answer : Position number is the unique identification number for driven by business unit , department ,location , job code and other parameters

What is the purpose of update/display mode?

Answer : To add the new information current and future as well view the current data.

What is the purpose of correct history mode?

Answer : To correct the past and current information based on the EFFDT.

What is the purpose of include history mode?

Answer : To view the past information based on the EFFDT.

What is Employee Record Number?

Answer : Number to identify an employee’s different organizational relationships.

What are all the mandatory fields need to key in while add a person on the system?

Answer : 1) Name
2) Organizational relationship
National ID , Address, Birthdate gives us warning message.

What is employment instance?

Answer : Employee relationship with organization. Where employee can have multiple relationship (instances) with the organization.

What is the difference between Set Id and a Business Unit?

Answer : Where a Business Unit organizes your company or your organization, SetIDs help you organize your data within the system. The HRMS system uses tables (Control Tables or Prompt Tables) that use a high-level key that enables you to identify and retrieve data from the system. A secondary high-level key,referred to as a SetID, has also been added on various tables. SetIDs are simply the labels used to identify a TableSet. Business Unit and SetID functionality in PeopleSoft also provides you with a higher business level for reporting purposes and other business data roll-up.

What is HCCPALL?
Answer : Delivered primary permission list with access to all the components and pages

What is HCDPALL?

Answer : Delivered row level security permission list with full access.

What is the default tree name need to give while creating the new tree?
Answer : Dept_Security followed by any name as per your requirement.

What would be the default effective date for creating the new tree?

Answer : 1/1/1900 or 1/1/1901
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