VSAM Interview Questions : Part 1

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VSAM Realtime Interview Questions. 

Please use the comment section to answer.

  1. Explain what do you mean by a sequence set?
  2. What do you mean by index set in VSAM?
  3. Explain how many buffers are allotted to VSAM KSDS and ESDS ?
  4. Can you describe some pf the main disadvantages of using a VSAM dataset ?
  5. What is free space? Explain how it is determined.
  6. What is the meaning of dynamic processing in VSAM? How do we achieve it?
  7. Name some common VSAM error conditions and codes.
  8. What do you mean by a VSAM split?
  9. Explain what is the base cluster in VSAM?
  10. Do primary key values have to be unique? Do alternate key values have to be unique?
  11. In the COBOL SELECT statement what is the ORGANIZATION for a KSDS?
  12. In the COBOL SELECT statement for a KSDS what are the three possibilities for ACCESS?
  13. What is the COBOL RECORD KEY clause?
  14. What is the main purpose of the FILE STATUS clause in the SELECT statement?
  15. If you wish to use the REWRITE command how hould the VSAM file be opened?
  16. Explain the meaning and syntax for the START command.
  17. What is the VSAM-code field ?
  18. What do you mean by a VSAM slot ?
  19. What is the utility program closely associated with VSAM?
  20. In VSAM we have about seven IDCAMS commands.Can you name them and explain each of them with examples?
  21. Explain what are the three levels of definition for the VSAM DEFINE?
  22. What is the main significance of the SHAREOPTIONS parameter in VSAM?
  23. Can you tell me what is the meaning of the DEFINE MODEL parameter? 
  24. What do you mean by File Status in VSAM ?
  25. What is a LDS (Linear Data Set )? Explain its usage.
  26. What do you mean by IDCAMS in VSAM?
  27. Can you run AMS commands from the TSO prompt ?
  28. Can you tell me the syntax of AMS modal commands in VSAM?
  29. Under IDCAMS, multiple functions can be executed, each of which returns a condition code. What will be the condition code returned to the operating system ?
  30. Explain what does the command FREESPACE do in VSAM ?
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